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6 month old Rejecting textures and finger foods...should I worry??

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MillionPramMiles Tue 20-Nov-12 15:45:35

My 6.5 mon old dd has been on solids since 20 weeks (she was showing signs of being ready by then). I've diligently puréed a range of fruit and veg which she eats up happily. She will also eat porridge and yoghurt. However I've struggled to persuade her to eat anything slightly lumpy or textured (eg mashed up fish, lumpier fruit and veg, ready brek etc), she simply spits it out. I've also struggled with finger foods, I've tried a few things, toast, carrot sticks, pieces of fruit etc but she just plays with them and loses interest very quickly.

Is there anything else I could do or should I not worry? Am paranoid she'll still be eating purées as a one year old....

beyoglu Tue 20-Nov-12 17:52:48

Not much advice but I've got two 6.5m olds in front of me here trying to eat broccoli and the mess is spectacular! They're a lot like the cookie monster - it gets broken up but not that much ends up being swallowed...

I started weaning them just over 5m corrected age (they were early) and so I've done purees alongside finger food. On the finger food we've had most success with stuff they really like the taste of - butternut squash fingers for the one, and toast and butter for the other. They're rubbish with fruit (too slippery) and with veg it really depends if I've hit the sweet spot of making it hard enough to hold and soft enough to eat.

Ooh, one thing - my smaller girl was just not interested in anything when we started so I gave her a spoon to play with to entertain her while I fed her sister. Then I started dipping the spoon in the puree of the day, so she was sort of feeding herself. And coating herself with dinner from head to toe.

I wouldn't worry too much about it - you can't force them to finger feed after all. 6 months is still pretty small...

MillionPramMiles Tue 20-Nov-12 19:18:34

Thanks beyoglu. Have given dd a spoon and let her try dipping it in purée as you say. I think part of the problem is her grip isn't quite good enough to hold bits of food for long. And she loses interest/patience quickly!

beyoglu Tue 20-Nov-12 19:57:16

million I preload the spoon as well! I meant to say also, sometimes when mine are being a bit unenthusiastic I put the piece of food into their hand or even hold it up to their mouths to nibble on. Five star service in our restaurant! (Except for the bit where they get re-offered food that they dropped on the floor... it is clean, honest...)

sharond101 Tue 20-Nov-12 22:35:29

My ds is loving his spoonfed purees and tolerates a few lumps, even managed sweetcorn and halved raisins yesterday. Finger foods tho he onky manages tiny nibbles if snything. He is just over 6 mo and iam just so delighted he is enjoying what item cooking him pureed and am sure one day the finger food will sort itself out.i find if I give him finger foods when we are eating he moreso understands what to do with it.i thus tend to give him some puree before I make lunch or dinner for me and dh and when we are eating I put some nibbles on his tray. More ends up squashed into his bib or tray but thats what its all about.

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