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BLW before 6 months?

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mangohedgehog Sun 18-Nov-12 21:34:07

I am cautious about weaning as DH has crohn's, so I am very conscious about not introducing solids too early as a general rule. I did BLW with DD1, starting on her 6mth birthday. We'll definitely be doing BLW again with DD2. She is 20wks atm, but the thing is, she is already showing signs of readiness, I think. She can support herself sitting up, she reaches for stuff and puts it in her mouth, she watches us all through mealtimes and gets quite ratty if she can't get involved at least by having some milk!

This evening I gave her a piece of raw broccoli while she was in her high chair, just to see what she would do. Obviously it was too hard for her to eat any of it but she absolutely loved mouthing it and playing with it.

So, my question is, if she is already showing these signs of readiness, should I perhaps give her a few chunks of pear or something and just see how she gets on? I mean, with BLW she probably won't actually ingest too much food for a while anyway, until she gets the hang of it, will she? Or should I hang back, even though she seems ready? Part of me thinks I should hang back to be on the safe side, but I also think that babies develop differently and 26wks isn't a magic date when every baby's guts switch overnight to being able to handle solids. Not sure what to do atm, would be grateful for any advice.

Flisspaps Sun 18-Nov-12 21:39:09

The point of BLW is that it's baby led.

There's probably no harm in giving her some fruit and veg sticks for now, and hanging on a few more weeks for everything else.

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