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Ds just won't eat!

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Stellarella123 Sun 18-Nov-12 16:27:25

From day one he never liked his bottle, would only take 2 oz at most, was given meds for silent reflux , and put on neocate for possible milk intolerance, as some days he would hardly feed at all, but always seemed hungry , crying lots, he never took to solids, has been a battle to get him to eat, ate finger food for first time around 1.5, but very little amounts, very slow weight gain, paediatrician and dietician monitored him and are happy and discharged him now he's 22 months and is gaining weight, he is 19lb 12oz, he has had phases of eating quite good, taking 3 meals a day but 1 month ago he had chicken pox and went off his food, now he is refusing food all together, lucky if he has a few spoonfulls of each meal, last few days he has eaten one meal a day and very little amount at That, he is drinking plenty milk , water and smoothies, but I'm so stressed out feel I'm constantly trying to coax him to eat, my dd was a totally different baby, ate anything, im worried that he will never change, are there other people with kids who hardly eat?

Stellarella123 Sun 18-Nov-12 21:01:25


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