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lizmarshmallow Fri 16-Nov-12 10:19:42

Firstly, my pfb DD is 7mo and I plan to do a mixture of spoon and BLW. She's been having "solids" over a month after speaking with my Dr and HV and I think shes ready to move on. Don't really want to have a bun fight over which method is best, it's mainly ideas for food I need help with. My mind is blank! confused
I should add I've read through the last few pages of the weaning topic but it may have just given me more questions than answers.

So she's been eating baby porridge and cereal (which she loves) and I want to move onto something more cost friendly. What's the next best step? I have shredded wheat in the house (boak, not mine) would it be ok to make this for her, obviously pretty soft? I know adult porridge is also an option but as I don't like porridge either, it's not too lumpy is it?

Then, what else is good for the BLW aspect, finger foods I suppose? She likes getting an organix crisp thing and munching that, but what else can I give her that isn't too hard yet? Would pita bread be too much of a chocking risk this early?

I also have one of those net things and need ideas of what to put in it, all I can come up with is strawberries! Is is ok to put apple in? If so what type of apple is best? I did read on here that it's better to give a whole apple but I'd rather not. Oh and does it need softened or just peeled and chopped ok?

DH and I don't do a lot of cooking from scratch, mainly lazy cookers like jars of sauce etc so not sure what's best to give her for dinner. She so far seems to like some of the ellas kitchen and plum stuff but doubt I can afford to buy purely that for ever! I did puree up potatoes, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, and something else which I can't remember but she doesn't seem to like these on there own, if think she likes things with a bit more flavour.

In a word, I'm so confused that I don't know where to go next, as you can see. Don't have spare cash to go buying books but if anyone can recommend any good websites that would be amazing. I just need ideas! I feel a bit useless sad

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 16-Nov-12 15:08:39

lizard I think you may confusing blw with offering finger food. Doing purees with finger food is just called weaning smile.

For breakfast have you tried Ready Brek or the supermarket equivalent? Its much cheaper than baby cereals and you can add things like raisins, berries or chopped banana or even fruit puree.

Bread is fine but some babies do find it hard at first as they ram it all in and then can't swallow it. My DD used to love breadsticks (watch the salt levels though) with things like hummus and bits, like a couple of dried apricots.

If you are stuck for ideas for finger food, I found this book in our local library and it has some great ideas.

I suppose you need to look at long term. Will it be easier in the long run if you all eat the same each night thereby stopping the need to buy expensive pouches or jars or cook 2 separate meals each day? If this is your aim I would concentrate on getting you and DH to eat more healthily and offer some of that. I know it can be hard to cook when you've been at work all day or just generally tired but it doesn't have to be something labourious, how about things like toad in the hole lots of veg or garlic chicken wraps?

MN has some great info on weaning here including this useful timetable.

If you are stuck for ideas on what to give her, whichever method you decide, MN has some great recipes here and the Baby Led Weaning site has some fab recipes here. Again these can be given as finger food whichever method you choose smile

Oh and what is one of those net thingies?

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