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weetabix does it cause constipation?

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elclose Mon 03-Apr-06 10:29:26

hi ds had weetabix for first time yesterday and has only had one dirty nappy since, which was shortly after breakfast, this is unusual for ds as goes at least 3-4 times daily. He does not seem uncomfortable but have read on mnet that weetabix causes the opposite effect thats why i have waited to give it to him xxx

Gloworm Mon 03-Apr-06 10:33:53

i have always found weetabix to cause constipation in my ds. he now only gets a half, topped with some rice puffs or cornflakes. and only a couple of times a week. also there is so much salt and sugar in it, so not the greatest of breakfasts anyway.

jmum6 Mon 03-Apr-06 11:00:52

Didn't realise there was that much salt and sugar in weetabix.

What other cerals are good for babies - other than porridge?

moondog Mon 03-Apr-06 11:09:41

Salt is negligible (0.25g in two Weetabix)as is sugar (1.8g)
A few really get the bowels moving but my ds are seven in one day last week and didn't crap for three days s o I too was worried about the blockage thing!!

Twinkie1 Mon 03-Apr-06 11:10:26

Sends all of us the other way - gives DS really bad burns on his bottom when he poos too!!

moondog Mon 03-Apr-06 11:10:26

Gloworm,I'd give Weetabix over puffed rice or cornflakes any day. Very processed those.

4blue1pink Mon 03-Apr-06 11:12:19

My son has minor food allergies and paeds advised not to give the likes of weetabix ( in particular) as it was frequently the culprit in diarrhoea!

DumbledoresGirl Mon 03-Apr-06 11:15:25

I am astonished that anyone says Weetabix is not good for you! Yes, it has some salt and sugar in it but then so do most foods to some degree or another. It is very high in fibre and iron so is usually considered good for getting bowels moving, but I bow to other Mners' experience here. Do bear in mind though that milk can bung you up and there is a tendency to use a lot of milk with weetabix.

bubblerock Mon 03-Apr-06 11:20:32

No but it does stick to their bums and make changing a nightmare!

jodie1984 Mon 03-Apr-06 11:22:04

ds 8mths has weetabix all the time he loves them, he used to have constipation untill he was weaned.

elclose Mon 03-Apr-06 12:05:45

thanks eveyone,
i am breastfeeding so used 3 oz formula so maybe that is why, just had nap and still not been i think its prunes for lunch!!

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