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Beans, prawns, and sandwich fillings (not altogether...)

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TwelveLeggedWalk Mon 12-Nov-12 22:37:36

Couple of quick questions!

So, DS, a.k.a The Great Vegetable Dodger has discovered small round food and is currently eating blueberries and grapes like they're going out of fashion. I have tried him on a couple of curries and he's loved picking out kidney beans and chickpeas, does anyone have any good recipes or ideas for similar?

Also, offered them some prawns from my plate at the weekend (slathered in mayo..) which they went for - that's ok at 14mo now isn't it? Again any suggestions of how to serve them?

And finally any other sandwich filler suggestions for nursery - currently we're stuck on cheese, sometimes tuna, humous or wafer thin ham, and I'm a wee bit concerned about the salt intake of too much cheese and bread.

Have you got the river cottage veg book? It has quite a lot of bean stews, perfect for this autumn/winter. You might be able to find them on here

Bearandcub Tue 13-Nov-12 10:05:23

What about egg mayo sandwiches? Or cream cheese and jam/ avacado/ ham? You could mix up cremefraiche and mackerel with a bit of horseradish and depending on your adventurous side re laundry beetroot or tomato?

Erm prawns in fish pie/ curry/ avacado salad.

TwelveLeggedWalk Tue 13-Nov-12 13:59:18

Thanks for the River Cottage idea.

Avocado and banana sandwiches were rejected twice - odd, as they devoured them mashed in a bowl when first weaning. Jam feels like a cop out but will relax over that. He'll go for eggy bread but not scrambled, will try egg sandwiches though. Is Mayo ok?

Lactose intolerant so we've been stuck on lacto free soft cheese but mackerel might work with that too. Failing that, I'll eat it! Thanks all.

Bearandcub Tue 13-Nov-12 17:18:21

TwelveLeggedWalk, DS2 is lactose intolerant too. We're stuck with Arla Lacto-free milk, hard cheese, cream cheese, etc.

He is nearly 9 months so we're only just coming into this as an issue. It's a nightmare isn't it? I wish I could find a better cheese I could do something with for all the family. It doesn't melt v well so makes it hard to use in sauces, toppings, etc.

I think mayo @ 14 months is OK. What about egg fried rice? Will he eat that? You can make it special fried rice and throw in various veg and meat, prawns too.

Also, you could do fish cakes using whatever you want fish wise, or if you can mind the fuss mince/blend the prawns and make prawn toast.

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