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10mo dd isn't really eating anything at all - help!

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zambooloo Sun 11-Nov-12 06:09:45

My dd is so fussy and refuses 99% of food before she has even tasted/ smelled it. She turns her head away & if you offer again she has a tantrum. We offer her a huge variety of food both on spoon & finger food from our plates etc.

Yesterday was a normal day - she ate 5 raisins at breakfast time, refused lunch (we had roast chicken, roasted veg) she just threw it on the floor. For tea she had 1 tiny square of marmite on toast and about 1/2cm of cooked pear!

I realise this is a tiny amount of food - she just isn't interested. She is having between 20-25oz milk a day. She will refuse to eat whenever we offer it regardless of however hungry she is. We've tried offering food before milk and 2hrs after so at various stages of hunger!

Any ideas? I'm worrying now that she is nearly 1 and never eats! What can I do? Should I be worried? I just feel like I can't force her. I just try not to pressure her and let her eat what she wants but I'm stressing now!

Thank you.

fluffygal Sun 11-Nov-12 06:33:08

My DD2 only had about 5 raisins a day and sometimes a yoghurt until she was nearly 2. I couldn't understand how she could manage on that much, but I guess I was (and am) BFing on demand so she got full that way. I wouldn't worry about it, just keep offering it to her. I know others that had the same issue and they are all eating fine now.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 12-Nov-12 21:10:25

Agree, just offer her the food and don't react or coax if she refuses. She is getting enough milk so she will be fine. Once she is 12 months you can swap her formula for 300ml of full fat cows milk per day, so perhaps she will eat more thensmile

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