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Please help me before I literally go mad.

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Yummycheesecake Fri 09-Nov-12 18:50:41

Dd is turning one next week. She is bf and we have mainly done blw. 99.9% of the times she refuses to be spoonfed. However she eats NOTHING. I am at my wits end and losing my mind. I just don't know what to do anymore. Weeks have past now and she swipes EVERYTHING off her high chair. I dread meal times and I'm sure she does too. Some days I feel like not even bothering to offer her anything as I really can't deal with the mess any more. I dont even know what to offer her anymore either. Seriously when does it stop being fun till one?? I just want to cry. sad

Shybairns Fri 09-Nov-12 18:59:47

I feel for you I really do. It must be so frustrating.
I have heard of other children like your own. She will enjoy proper food before long. I know that sounds flippant but breast milk can only sustain her for so long.

Have you considered having her allergy tested? I believe children with multiple food allergies or intollerances can be naturally slow to wean as it is there bodies instinct to protect it.

You could try your local La Leche league meeting. They can be very helpful. That is were I heard about children who were slow weaners.

Yummycheesecake Fri 09-Nov-12 19:27:27

She is allergic to CMP but only in it's rawest form! When it's baked she is fine!! Also ok with bio live yogurt! Do you think i should cut out bf's or still feed on demand?

Shybairns Fri 09-Nov-12 19:52:45

I think she's more likely to try solid foods if she's hungry. And you could start to bf her less if you want. If you are getting frustrated with it all (and I would be too!) it might be a good idea to have a plan for reducing the bf. Maybe just first thing and last thing before bed? You can give cows milk in a sippy cup through the day.

And at meal times you could try sitting her on your knee and letting her help herself to your plate. Don't tell her she can share or that this is for her to eat. Kids seem to enjoy the food they pinch the most! wink

threeinone Fri 09-Nov-12 20:27:00

Get a copy of my child won't eat. Most important is not to make it stressful or a battle of wills.

My strapping second born ate hardly anything until 14 months, when he started he didn't stop!

Honestly relax, it will come. I wouldn't try to limit bfs for fear of it making meals more stressful.

Do shared plates, stolen food, snacks, eat out - it will come.

OpheliasWeepingWillow Fri 16-Nov-12 10:43:57

Have you tried handing her food 'on the go' as it were. If I carry my dd and wander around the house she will take a finger of toast or bagel and munch on it. Or have you tried eating exactly the same thing with your hands at her eye level?

Sorry if obvious!

Yummycheesecake Fri 16-Nov-12 16:27:17

I haven't tried that but I will. Thank you. Dd turned 1 yesterday and she is still eating next to nothing!! I keep telling myself that she will eventually eat a whole meal but when I haven't a clue! sad

Welovecouscous Fri 16-Nov-12 17:49:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Yummycheesecake Sat 17-Nov-12 09:02:24

I feel like crying today. As I sit here eating my toast and my daughter sits with nothing infront of her as I haven't a clue what to offer her. She isn't interested in my toast so she just stares at me as if to say "what the hell am I doing sitting here?" I really have no idea what to offer here anymore. She is allergic to CMP in its rawess form so I feel like there is nothing to offer her! Seriously I feel like I'm going mad! This really is heart breaking!! I'll purchase the book and hopefully it will help sad

Welovecouscous Sat 17-Nov-12 10:30:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OpheliasWeepingWillow Sun 18-Nov-12 12:51:12

I'd food bomb her! Put loads of carrot / broccoli / jam jar lid / blobs of yoghurt / basically anything in front of her and then ignore her while you very consciously eat opposite her. Then an hour later have a picnic on the floor. Put lots of bits of bread / cheese / anything edible down and start munching. See if she will let you pop something in her mouth. Let her see you eat. Doesn't work? Don't worry, rinse and repeat. Instead of wondering what will tempt her assume everything is fair game. Pasta for breakfast? Sure. Rusk for dinner? Fine!

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