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1 yo spitting food

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Frankenoonie Sat 03-Nov-12 10:58:04

Feeling very frustrated at the mo! DS has been pretty hard to wean the whole way through, but finally, grudgingly started to eat reasonably consistently since he was 91/2 months.

Over last two weeks, he's been off his nosh again. I've mainly put it down to him cutting his first 2 teeth 3 weeks ago, and I'm fairly sure some more are starting the sloooow journey to the surface...

But I dunno if this is the whole reason. He has started spitting almost all his food back out very enthusiastically. Loud raspberries and splatters everywhere <wipes face again>. He does not really do this for food he likes (yoghurt mainly), may do it a few times til it registers what is on offer.

He is starting to assert his independence by refusing a spoon and eating yoghurt with his hands. He will lick things off toast or breadsticks but has always had an issue with lumps and gagging (bad reflux as a littlun but not an issue now) so doesn't eat much of the finger food offered. He was eating ellas pouches pretty well (the smooth ones, gagging on the lumpy ones). interested in our food but tastes it and spits it out or gags. Quite often, he just wants milk (now mix fed with formula during the day since I went back to work part time). He is a bit better taking food from other people, IMHO.

I'm getting really frustrated and wound up by this - working hard to manage this so it doesn't affect meal times but today and yesterday have been tough.

Any suggestions or advice, anyone please? Hand holding and/or kicks up arse also gratefully accepted!

Skang Sun 04-Nov-12 11:46:04

My daughter (nearly 13 months) went through a phase of this of doing this a couple of months ago. It is so utterly annoying! Its stopped now though, she only spits things that she really doesn't like or if she's full. I was getting so wound up about it and worried because she was barely eating anything. It was especially annoying when I'd spent a while cooking something and we are on quite a strict budget too. It passed though. As others kept telling me, he won't starve himself.

Frankenoonie Mon 05-Nov-12 12:37:01

Thanks, skang that is very reassuring! I realise now I had v bad pmt on Friday /Saturday, so it was really getting to me. Yy to the extra annoyance when I'd gone to more effort at making him something angry brew

I abandoned spoon feeding him over the weekend and went back to blw, aka right then, you tinker, mummy's not fighting you so you're in charge of what goes in and out of your mouth!

I shall keep on with the mn mantra then? 'This too shall pass...'

Iggly Mon 05-Nov-12 13:44:07

Yes it will pass. With my first I used to agonise over this. With my second (11 months), I don't. She's been spitting out her food etc and I just leave her to it and give her a feed a bit afterwards. She'll be fine!

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