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still breastfeeding 2 yr lod because he has a dairy intolerance want to stop!!!

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desouza Wed 31-Oct-12 14:24:39

i have a have a 2 year old who seems he is addicted to brestfeeding i spend all day telling him he cant have any untill bedtime and he feeds all through the night especially when hes teething. he wont take calpol..and i really need to stop asap any advise??

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 31-Oct-12 14:51:48

Well done for getting to 2 years. Do you want to stop completely or would you be happy reducing the night feeds? Try googling askdrsears 12 alternatives for the all night nurser.

If you want to stop completely, I'd give one of the bfing helplines a call. They can give you the information you need to reduce your risk of mastitis.

Try posting in the breast & bottle section too. This weaning section is more about starting solids, rather than the American meaning of weaning off the boobsmile

eragon Sat 03-Nov-12 23:37:18

what solids/meals is your 2yr old eating during the day?
what milks have you tried? almond, rice, oat, coconut? etc

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