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Talk to me about straws!

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Crimebusterofthesea Fri 26-Oct-12 18:42:34

Went for lunch at my parents today and forgot DS's tommee tippee sippy cup. Gave him some water from a plastic cup with a straw and he took to it really well. In fact, he bloody loved it! Got me thinking that I might try him with a fruit smoothie with a straw too (at the mo I just spoon feed it to him). Is it bad for his teeth though? I've read on the back of fruit pouches that frequent sucking isn't great, so it must be the same with a straw? Help me out wise ones!

PoppyScarer Fri 26-Oct-12 23:28:14

I had concerns because my DD had a while when all she would drink was apple juice through a straw.

So I asked our dentist. He said the straw is good because it pushes the juice (or whatever) behind and away from the teeth.

The amount he charges, he'd better know his stuff! He is a dad-of-two.

Am adopting straws and straw cups with DC2 at the moment. Although we are strictly sticking to water and milk.

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