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Weaning, what does Gina F mean by a scoop??????

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Hellythepixie Fri 02-Jan-04 14:18:26

Hi I have just stated weaning my 4 Month old DS Over the last 3 days we seem to be doing OK and have worked up to a teaspoon of baby rice. Gina F then suggest days 4-6 you increase to a scoop of baby rice, has anyone any ideas how much a scoop is??

NewThinnerDragon Fri 02-Jan-04 14:21:40

Goodness knows! A generous spoonful maybe?? Ignore her and just increase by an extra teaspoonful and see what your baby does.

Hulababy Fri 02-Jan-04 14:22:40

I wonder if some brands of baby rice come with its own scoop, like formula does? If so I think a scoop may be about 1oz - if same as SMA scoops anyway.

JulieF Fri 02-Jan-04 22:10:52

I always used a formula scopp to make up babyrice so assumed that this is what she meant.


Hellythepixie Fri 02-Jan-04 22:43:47

Thankyou it is a little clearer now, it a bit scary this weaning stuff!!!

bunnyrabbit Mon 05-Jan-04 22:58:53

Hi Hellythepixie,
Yes I'm there too. On day 7 today so gave pear at lunch and rice at tea. Was also worrying about this and just used a couple of weaning spoons of dry rice stuff and added some milk. It looked an awful lot and I reckon DS had about half.

Am very worried that I'm not doing this right. I've been looking in CLB and Annabel Karmel and it's all getting too confusing...


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