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9 months and lumps

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BabyHaribo Mon 22-Oct-12 14:02:13

9 month old DS really doesn't like any lumps in his purees. He will gag and then just clamp his mouth shut although is definitely still hungry.

He is ok with 'hard' finger food like rice cakes bread sticks organix snacks but doesn't really like softer stuff such as steamed veg. Today I gave him some strips of roast chicken and its almost as if he doesn't like the feel in his hands! Was cringing and giving the chicken a disgusted look grin

Some of his friends seem to be able to eat sandwiches etc without any problems. How do I get him to accept lumps?

Sidge Mon 22-Oct-12 14:10:25

The thing about purees with lumps in is that they can be hard for a baby to deal with - babies don't 'eat' puree, they sort of drink it. So when you get puree with lumps they slurp the puree, come across a lump and gag and it can put them off.

I would continue with firmer finger foods and keep steamed veg relatively crunchy. Keep offering stuff such as the chicken and sooner or later his curiousity will get the better of him and he'll give it a go.

If giving softer foods chop it roughly or mash it - jars of puree with lumps can be oddly textured. Very runny with the odd lump!

NellyBluth Tue 23-Oct-12 10:26:06

I've found that DD, who loves her purees and yoghurts, can cope with 'solid' food like sandwiches and harder fruits and rice cakes, but she doesn't like thicker, lumpier purees. Maybe try to keep things a little separate as he learns?

But they do learn, slowly - DD was a big gagger when she first started eating but has slowly learnt to enjoy chewing food (with the added joy of her chewing it, taking it out to admire her work, sticking it back in again, spitting it out for another look...)

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