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Loads of poo in first week of weaning - is this normal? (sorry, a bit disgusting)

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senoritachiquita Sat 20-Oct-12 08:01:13

My 6 month old DD just started on solids. A couple of times a day, she's having things like squashed up banana or sweet potato, or apple or pear puree, also sometimes sucking and gumming lumps of fruit.

She seems to be enjoying it but it seems like something (or all the things?) she ate are causing it to go straight through her! She is still breastfed and used to only poo once every few days. The last couple of days it is about every couple of hours.

Should I be worried - is her gut just getting used to the food? It doesn't look runny like diarrhoea, more just lumpy with bits of food. She seems happy and not dehydrated.

Thanks for any advice!!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 20-Oct-12 20:09:42

Sounds perfectly normal to me smile

BikeRunSki Sat 20-Oct-12 20:20:29

Normal. Food goes in, food comes out.

senoritachiquita Sun 21-Oct-12 08:14:10

Thanks for the replies. It has actually deteriorated into proper diarrhoea now though, unfortunately! Will prob take her to the doctor on Mon, in meantime have stopped with the solids and just continuing breastfeeding.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 21-Oct-12 08:28:35

Sorry to hear she is unwell, think you've done the right thing in stopping the solids and bfing. She may want to feed more often than usual if she is feeling unwell which is perfectly normal. Hope she feels better soon.

senoritachiquita Sun 21-Oct-12 12:25:28

Thanks a lot! Yeah she is feeding more often, though still seems like her happy self so I don't think she is seriously ill or dehydrated. Will keep an eye on the situation...

BabyHaribo Mon 22-Oct-12 13:53:45

Hope LO is feeling better today. Just to add keep an eye it could be a bug but when I started weaning DS he got terrible diarrhea and Dr reckoned it was all to do with weaning. Some guts are just more sensitive grin. It soon settled down and now he has proper solid nappies!!

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 22-Oct-12 20:03:32

Yeah agree that it could just be that the guts aren't mature enough yet, but either way, coming off the solids and bfing more is a good idea smile

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