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What do you feed your 12 months old?

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SalagadooLamagicaboo Wed 10-Oct-12 17:25:51

My dd has been refusing food for the past week,she was poorly but is now better but still not having food.

Today all she managed was a few spoons of porridge for breakfast and 2 spoons of petit filoux for dinner.

I am close to tears.

What does your 1 year old eat during a typical day, and how much?

Also how do you introduce new food to them?

MoonlightandWerewolves Wed 10-Oct-12 23:00:32

Sometimes it does take a little while for their appetite to come back after being unwell, so please don't worry too much that she didn't really eat today. As long as she's taking in fluids, it will be fine.

Small child here has a voracious appetite so may not be the best comparison but, on a normal day would have:

1st breakfast: either weetabix or shredded wheat (bitesize)
2nd breakfast (about two hours later): some of fruit / toast & butter / plain yoghurt / egg / porridge
Morning snack: rice cake, fruit, maybe a bit of cheese
Lunch: Whatever's going - probably one of cheese on toast / tuna mayo / pasta / egg / leftovers from supper then rounded off with yoghurt
Afternoon: milk, bread / crackers / yoghurt (there's a lot of yoghurt demanded) / frozen peas (no, I don't know why either)
Dinner: Whatever we're having (we no longer add salt when cooking - sigh)

However - when recovering from being unwell / teething that would drop off to
1st breakfast: yoghurt with a bit of fruit
2nd breakfast: nibble of whatever we're having
Morning: milk, water, maybe some bread or toast
Lunch: pushes things round the plate
Afternoon: as morning
Dinner: pushes things round the plate

The lighter eating pattern can go on for two or three days after small child appears to have recovered. Also, toddlers self-regulate, so can also eat huge amounts over a period, and then turn down food as they know they don't require it.

Hope she's fully recovered soon and you feel a little less upset by it. She will be fine.

CharlotteWasBoth Wed 10-Oct-12 23:12:08

I'll make you feel better.

Today dd had
Breakfast: 2 shreddies
Lunch: breadsticks and hummus; scrambled egg
Snack: flapjack
Supper: 2 tiny pieces of salmon; 1 bite of cucumber

And that was a good day! She has loads of breast feeds and is on the 91st centile so I'm trying not to panic. (I'm not listing all the food she was offered an chucked straight on the floor.)

I'm doing BLW so I'm just offering her what we have. Most of it she chucks without even trying it. Occasionally she'll let me put a spoon in her mouth if she likes the food but dislikes the feel in her hand (eg scrambled egg).

I'm telling myself that she'll get better in the end. I'm sure yours will too.

Nevercan Thu 11-Oct-12 17:59:20

They normally go off their food when they are poorly with colds and the like. How much milk are they having and when? Could be that the milk is filling so they are not hungry so reducing this might increase their appetite. Don't worry babies will eat when they are hungry so don't worry....

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