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Weaning & bedtime.

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Magtils Sun 23-Sep-12 20:48:46

Started weaning dd 2 weeks ago, (6.5months old). She has taken to it really well, combination of blw and puree. She has dinner at 5:45 - 6ish and then I offer her a bf feed before she goes to bed at 7pm. She is now becoming very difficult to get to sleep, whereas before weaning she would go down quite easily 99% of the time. Tonight it took an hour and a half of screaming!!
Am I giving her dinner too late? Over feeding by offering a bf before bed? Is it just a phase? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

vodkaanddietirnbru Sun 23-Sep-12 21:59:08

Maybe try dinner earlier around 5pm and see if it helps

Iggly Sun 23-Sep-12 22:01:10

That does seem quite late for dinner. In fact I didn't introduce dinner until later eg around 7-8 months with dd.

Magtils Mon 24-Sep-12 07:30:41

Thanks, I may try a little earlier. Was doing that time so she could eat with my husband and I.

She has been having dinner for a week. Thought I would give it a go with her as she took to eating so happily... Have I done the wrong thing? This is my first child, have I missed something important?

Iggly Mon 24-Sep-12 08:13:10

Just having tea too close to bedtime can be a gamble because they're so young if they have trouble digesting, they won't settle. A rough rule of thumb is 2 hours before bedtime. We have breakfast with our DC. Most of their little friends have tea at 5pm. Those that have it at 6pm tend to go to bed later.

Drladybird Mon 24-Sep-12 09:11:40

Yes, I'd recommend having lunch or breakfast together to have the social aspect of eating. My little one is 17months and has her tea at 5pm (and always has done- with bedtime at 7pm too). When she started having 3 meals (probably around 7/8months), she never really had it later than that. And even now, I introduce newer foods at lunch time just to make sure she has time to digest them throughout the day.

Magtils Mon 24-Sep-12 13:47:38

Thanks for the replies. I will listen to all of it!! Breakfast and lunch with me and tea earlier at 5. Hopefully that will make a difference. I will let you know how bedtime goes tomorrow. Thanks again! It's nice to have somewhere to get advice, my family live abroad and the time difference means I can't speak to them during the week!

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