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just began to wean baby would like food ideas.

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emz0909 Sun 23-Sep-12 18:41:08

Hi all, my baby is 19 weeks and i have decided to try him with some baby rice.
I am weaning at this age due to
1; dr advised to wean at 18/19 weeks due to reflux &
2; he has an interest in food ( was going mad to get in my bowl), puts stuff in his mouth, not really satisfied after feeds.

the baby rice was a success and he has been on it for a week.
i tried him with apple this morning and he sat there with his mouth wide open wanting more smile
i now want to no what else should i try him on. i no to stick to fruit &veg purees but is there any order you introduced them.

i am looking for recipe ideas or advice!

thank you.

Nigglenaggle Sun 23-Sep-12 20:15:08

The Annabel Karmel books are full of good ideas smile The complete baby and toddler meal planner is probably the best if you just want one.

Before 6mths I enjoyed sharing an avocado with DC - theyre great for them as they are quite fatty which alot of the other early foods arent. Bananas great also. We made a prune one to deal with some constipation issues which was good but quite faffy to make as lots of straining to do of the dried fruit. Most people I've spoken to have babies which like sweet potato and that was the first thing we tried.

In the first weeks we stuck to one ingredient at a time foods, to monitor reactions, and after about three weeks got a bit more adventurous smile Weaning has been one of my favourite bits so far, has been great fun choosing and forcing DH to make making and seeing him enjoy all the purees.

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