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DS wasn't like this <wails>

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tigana Sat 22-Sep-12 19:15:55

DD is 8 months now. She is BF, and has been 'starting on solids' for the past 2 months.
Today she ate (was fed) half a yoghurt. That's it. The rest was BM. And this is a pretty typical day. She is a solids refusenik.

I've tried jarred goo, pureed fruit, pureed our food, mashed our food, finger food. Nothing seems to get more than 2 or 3 mouthfuls or be accepted on more than one or two occasions.

any handy hints and tips...I'm feeling defeated.

JennerOSity Sun 23-Sep-12 06:07:19

hmmmm - interesting, I am expecting dc2 at the moment and just know I am going to be fully flummoxed every time the second differs from the first! grin

Do you sit her on your knee when you are eating? I used to do this and ds would have occasional licks/nibbles. Don't forget that they don't really need to be eating as such, just having a try out of the idea of food as opposed to milk is also an important part of the weaning process.

tbh, if she is regularly having a go it will eventually snowball into eating, some just really take their time getting into the idea at all.

Chin up. Sorry I don't have more practical suggestions - just encouragement.

SleepyFergus Sun 23-Sep-12 06:33:32

My DD was the exact same. Started weaning at 5.5 months, but it was only ar about 8.5 months that she really and properly ate something. A d most of the time it was petit filous! She too was ebf and I think just wasn't that bothered tbh. As the pp said, it slowly snowballed into eating more foods and she finally dropped her only bf at just over a year old. She's now nearly 3.

I too have another dd, aged 12 weeks and am waiting with nervous anticipation to see what she'll be like with weaning. Dreading the mess again!

Good luck, I'm sure it will pick up soon.

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