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What does your 9-12 month old eat each day?

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PineappleBed Mon 06-Aug-12 20:28:23

Just want to know to a) get some more ideas, and b) see if dd is about right.

A typical day:

Breakfast - mini shredded wheat + satsuma + pear

Lunch - what we had for dinner previous night so meat and veg, pasta, sausage casserole, etc

Dinner - cheese on toast + humous + veg,

She has a beaker of water which she drinks very little of with meals.

She has milk mid morning, mid afternoon, before bed and once in the night.

GodisaDj Mon 06-Aug-12 20:39:57

BLW'er here, dd is 12 months (today!) Typical day:

Breakfast: rice crispies + fruit of some kind (either plum, half orange, half banana or strawberries)

Lunch: sandwich (fillings might be ham, egg, tuna, chicken, cheese) or cooked egg on toast (scrambled, poached or boiled), or dinner from night before

Dinner: what ever we eat, so typical meals might be: chilli con carne, chicken dippers, pork dinner, chicken curry, sausage n mash, noodles, rissoto.

Snacks: rice cakes, fruit or toast

Water beaker offer at each meal time, a little drunk but not lots as she is breastfed. Breast feeds are around 3 during the day. If she's not with me, she goes without and ups her solids. She still feeds several times at night though but I have seen a slow decline in milk feeds these last couple d weeks.

How old is your dd? All sounds about right to me. Are you concerned about her weight?

tory79 Mon 06-Aug-12 21:05:18

Today my 10.5 month old ds had

Breakfast - bowl of ready brek, half a crumpet with philly, a plum. Ate pretty much all of that.

Lunch - cheese and spinach muffin, rice cakes with avocado, some strawberries and raspberries, date and ginger muffin (I like making muffins grin) He did not eat much lunch.

Dinner - fish, new pots, carrots and baby sweetcorn, pear, yoghurt. He actually ended up having 2 potato waffles, the pear and the yoghurt hmm

He doesn't really have snacks, but did have a few organix sweetcorn rings today. He is not really interested in water, I find I have more luck getting him to drink it out side of meal times!

tory79 Mon 06-Aug-12 21:06:16

Oh yes, and he is breastfed, and still has 3-4 feeds during the day, and 1-2 at night.

WifeofGru Mon 06-Aug-12 21:10:44

OP my 11 month old DD2 has a similar amount to your little one and the other mums who have posted. Sounds about right.

WifeofGru Mon 06-Aug-12 21:11:38

OP my 11 month old DD2 has a similar amount to your little one and the other mums who have posted. Sounds about right.

PineappleBed Tue 07-Aug-12 07:44:11

Hello, thanks for your replies! She's 9 months old, I'm not worried about her weight I just don't know anyone else with a baby to ask if that's s normal amount! She's also BLW.

memememum Thu 09-Aug-12 21:06:18

My 9 month old is really hungry in the night (bf every 2 hrs) so I'm planning on changing to 2 cooked meals a day (currently 1 cooked and 1 snack//toast based). Hoping to do some cooking for the freezer nxt wk whilst dh is on leave, as there's already enough work to do in a day! I also need to add some fruit to his brekkie.

Has anyone else managed to help dc get through the night with less feeds by feeding more during the day please? (ds also bfs first thing, mid morning, mid afternoon and bedtime). Thank you.

NotTooBusyForChocolate Thu 09-Aug-12 21:43:33

My twins, 10.5 months ate today:

Breakfast: Half a cream cheese toast each, bowl of fruity greek yoghurt

Lunch: Half a hummus and grated carrot sarnie each, more yoghurt, fresh fruit

Dinner: Pasta with cheese and tomato sauce, rice pudding, and more fresh fruit (offerings of yet more yoghurt were firmly rejected by both)

They have milk before breakfast, after lunch and at bedtime. But mostly they eat food (at their own insistence and eat pretty well, although the table manners are not pretty grin ) they also have sippy cup water with each meal and in between meals. No nighttime feeds.

BakingBunty Sat 11-Aug-12 17:51:01

Today DS (11.5 mo) has had:

Breakfast - 6 mini shredded wheat soaked in cow's milk, half a slice of toast with peanut butter, 5 blackberries

Lunch - mini pitta and hummus, half an M&S kids fish goujon thingy, some cheese, a baby sweetcorn, a broccoli floret and a nectarine

Tea - fusilli pasta and pesto, tangerine

He also had a couple of rice cakes and has three breastfeeds (first thing, early afternoon, before bed). He loves drinking water through a straw but it has to be in a clear glass or beaker (!)

Some days he hardly eats anything, especially when it's hot or he's teething. I am marginally less stressed about it than I used to be as he's a happy little chap.

ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged Mon 13-Aug-12 19:35:39

Oh, yours have soooo much more than my 1yo does sad

Am going to nick all of your ideas for foods though!

ButtonBoo Tue 14-Aug-12 21:03:43

DD is 10mo this week. Typical days goes

BF first thing after waking @ 6:00

Breakfast @ 7:00:
Weetabix or porridge and banana

Snack @ 10:00:
Little yoghurt and fruit (eg blueberries, strawberries, mango) with 150ml of formula

Lunch @ 12:30:
Something like avocado on toast, cheese cubes and fruit or omelette or eggy bread or macaroni cheese with fruit

Snack @ 3:00:
2 rice cakes with peanut butter or homemade muffin or cheese star with 200ml of formula

Dinner @ 5:30
Something like spag bol, fish pie, chicken pie, pasta etc
With veg finger food

BF at 7:00 before bed

GodisaDj Wed 15-Aug-12 05:04:24

Button - that's a lovely food and milk pattern. Can I ask, does your DD bf during the night? And does she sleep through?

I think I need to 'up' my dd's food, maybe the snack side! grin

NapaCab Wed 15-Aug-12 05:53:14

My DS has just turned 10 months and eats:

Breakfast: bowl (baby-sized obviously!) of porridge or quinoa, yoghurt, some type of fruit (plum, apricot, peach, banana etc)

Lunch: pasta with jar of baby puree of either squash, carrot or tomato etc or mashed potato with vegetables or bowl of quinoa with vegetable puree / pieces or polenta with mushrooms plus more fruit (blueberries, raspberries etc)

Dinner: pretty minimal at the moment as we have dinner late because DH gets home late and it's hot here so we don't eat much ourselves right now: usually some bread or rice cakes with hummus or cream cheese

He feeds himself mostly as we started out BLW (used some purees along the way) but will not on any terms have any liquids other than milk! Quite a worry in this hot weather...

He still has 4 bottles of milk per day, about 800+ml. I am struggling at the moment with recipe ideas myself as it's hot here (California) and I'm just not cooking much. I would love to make him pancakes, potato cakes or muffins but I just can't bake in this heat! Hoping to get some ideas as well...

sleepybump Wed 15-Aug-12 06:37:08

DD 10.5m typical day

BF between 1/2hr - hr

Breakfast: adult size portion of mini shredded wheat filled with raisens, piece of toast and either banana or necterine. (shes just started reducing this amount, must have been having a growth spurt!).

Lunch: cream cheese and cucumber sandwich and some grapes or clementine

Dinner: whatever we're having (bolognaise etc) or pasta parcels (freshbpasta filled with cheese and meat or veg - very quick to make!) , halved cherry tomatoes and/or corgette pieces etc. Sometimes plain yogurt or a crumpet if still hungry.

Feed before bed (1/2hr ish). Sometimes an extra feed to settle in the night.

I actually found the sleeping lomger thing linked to her crawling faster and beginning to clamber about/cruise rather than food. Shes been eating like this from about 8.5/9m. She was also blw. Any snacks might be rice cakes/bread stick/ cheese stick etc other food lowered to suit. Her intakecan change daily, like i said shesbeginning to eat less brekkie just now ( less cereal and doesnt want fruit). Shes 25th centile.


sleepybump Wed 15-Aug-12 06:40:00

Oh and water offered with all food (she likes to have a few good gulps before meal arroves on the tray, and plenty during) also sippy cup left around floor area especually during hot days.

sleepybump Wed 15-Aug-12 06:43:31

Oops should add, she was a 2-4hourly feeder at night until she got good at crawling, food was pretty much the same

ButtonBoo Wed 15-Aug-12 20:26:21

GodisaDJ - she stopped bf at night around 7-8 months, once she was on 3 meals a day.

I dropped the mid morning bf around 7 months and introduced a snack with formula in a beaker with a built in straw (superdrug own) as apparently straws are easy to use for bf babies.

I was bf once during the night but as I dream feed at 10:30 when went to bed I decided at about 7 1/2 months that if she woke say before 3am, I wasn't going to bf and just offer water. Thought she could go between 10:30-3:00 without 'food' as she's was eating well during the day. The first night, she woke, I picked her up, cuddled her and she fell back asleep in my arms!! I was convinced we'd have a battle on our hands but it just didn't happen. We did have a couple more nights where she woke and tried to latch on but I just manoeuvred myself away and she settled back down. Sometimes she'll have water if she wakes but prob 5 nights out of the week she sleeps 7:30-5:30 without waking.

My HV suggested that a lot of night feeding is more about habit once they are weaned and getting good all round nutrients and milk feeds.

Am still dream feeding at 10:30. Not brave enough to stop that just now! Don't think she takes much though so as it is only for a few minutes.

I only dropped the mid afternoon bf last week as I went back to work this week sad

GodisaDj Wed 15-Aug-12 20:43:26

Thanks Buttonboo - interesting how she accepted it no milk during the night, probably as you did it at the right time (7.5 months). I'm at the stage that I know DD (12 months) is only nursing at night out of comfort (which is not necessarily a 'bad thing' but obviously one that is a little frustrating).

I want to put a 'no milk during the hours of 12-6am' on my chest! grin

ButtonBoo Fri 17-Aug-12 07:13:43

GodisaDJ I agree. I'd have carried on if she really needed it. I hated the thought of denying her comfort or a drink just because I want more sleep but luckily it is only a cuddle she seems to need now if she wakes.

We've certainly had some sleep problems so not all easy times. She spent practically 2 weeks in our bed when she had a tummy bug and cutting her bottom teeth and I was convinced we'd have a battle on our hands getting her back into her cot. I decided that I'd just have to sit up there one night and persevere. But that night she just went back into her cot and slept through. That was last Saturday. And just in time too. I went back to work on Monday.

All the accidental parenting/bad habits we got into, mostly because we were just to damn tired to persevere have luckily been easy to get rid of. I think I underestimate her ability to adapt quickly. Know ion probably lucky with this and I'm sure something will turn up soon which will be much more challenging so I'm not counting my chickens just yet wink

Hope you find a way round it all.

vvviola Fri 17-Aug-12 07:47:34

I'm amazed by the amounts you guys get them to eat for breakfast. On a really good day, DD will eat half a little ikea bowl of porridge, or she'll eat quarter of a banana. Most days, 2 or 3 bites of toast is the most she'll have sad

We struggle a little with variety as DD is allergic to dairy, egg and nuts. Also possibly chickpea so we're avoiding that too.

A typical day (she's 1 in 2 weeks)

BF on waking or last nighttime waking (between 5 & 7)

Breakfast: porridge or toast or banana. Rarely all three

Snack: at crèche 3 days a week - rice crackers, fruit, mini pancakes. With me she'll nibble a little and then demand a BF.

Lunch: either sandwiches and fruit or some version of what we've had night before

Snack: same as morning snack. Devours it at crèche

Afternoon BF about 4 once I pick her up from crèche

Dinner: shepherds pie, risotto, stew, fish cakes. If she's too hungry to wait for us to eat, she'll sit up with us then too and demand things from my plate. Usually satisfied by hunk of broccoli or some mash that she can shovel in.

BF at bedtime for at least half an hour, then often snacks every 2 hours overnight sad

I miss being able to give yoghurts, cheese etc at snack time & I need to sit down and do some baking as everything seems to have egg and/or dairy. Even most brands of rice crackers angry

GodisaDj Fri 17-Aug-12 08:06:45

Butters I've just started night weaning I'm really surprised how much she's adjusted to the change- underestimated it really thinking she'd be really bad, but she's embraced it and is a different baby during the day and on waking up in the morning (so far anyway, we're on night 2 of no milk feeds). I'm following dr jay Gordon's night weaning plan which do far is really good and doesn't remove the closeness part of bf'ing that I love, just the actual bf'ing! grin

snowchick1977 Fri 17-Aug-12 13:37:22

My 12 month old had the following yesterday:

Breakfast - one scrambled egg with toast fingers and a large yoghurt and 5oz of milk

11am - 4oz milk and an hours nap

1pm - an Ellas kitchen toddler meal which was chicken casserole, some blueberries, a fromage frais and some cheesy biscuits

3pm - some rice cakes and 4oz milk and an hours nap

5pm - macaroni cheese and some rice pudding and a few strawberries

7.30 pm - 6oz milk and asleep by 8

I offer water in a cup with every meal which she also drinks....about 10oz a day at the moment

She slept til 8.30 this morning.

Looking through all of your posts I worry that I am not giving her enough variety. im not the best cook and me and my husband rarely ever cook a proper dinner and have always lived "on the go" just eating whatever is convenient and quick.

I salute you all for offering such variety...Im going to give some of your suggestions a go I think!

ButtonBoo Fri 17-Aug-12 15:20:29

Brilliant news GodisaDJ!! funny how you spend so long dreading it then when you do it it doesn't go anything like you thought and it was actually, dare I say it, quite easy?!!

We still have lots of close time now I'm not bf as much, just in a different way. But stopping bf finally at some point will prob be harder for me than her. Think I'll miss it more than she will!!!

Steph4589 Thu 06-Sep-12 10:41:38

Im slightly confused about how to manager three meals a day and three bottles? where does it all fit in!?

My son is 9 months old and this is what he is having at the moment

First thing he has a bottle (6oz)
around 1 hour later he has Poridge

Lunchtime he has a bottle (5oz) then a fruit pot

At tea time he will have a meal (what ever we have) and desert (usually a pot)

then he will have his nighttime bottle (9oz)

he also has water or juice throught the day and with each meal.

I am wanting to introduce a full meal at lunch now but i dont know when to give him his lunch time bottle now?

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