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PLEASE help - how do I wean her off the boob??!!

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spilla Wed 08-Mar-06 16:09:03

Please help me someone before I crack up

DD 10 months and have been trying to stop bf since age 8 months - had enough and managed longer than I thought I would anyway.

Will NOT have formula out of bottle or cup.
Will NOT have ebm out of bottle or cup

Will scream louder and louder (for over an hour one day) until I get so depressed and end up in tears that I feel like a really bad mum and give in and feed her.

dh tried, mother tried and even brother (aged 3) tried will NOT give in.

Please help me!!!!!!

amynnixmum Wed 08-Mar-06 16:22:30

With ds I had to go out and leave my mum with him for a couple of hours. He was exactly the same - only wanted breast milk out of the boob. He resisted for over 3 hours but in the end he gave in and guzzled the bottle in about 2 mins. My mum was ok with him crying as when we were babies she was told only to feed us every 4 hours and to just give water in between so she had spent plenty of time walking around trying to pacify a hungry baby. After that, although he wasn't overly keen he would take ebm from a bottle.

LipstickMum Wed 08-Mar-06 16:28:17

Are you me?!!

I am in almost exactly the same position as you except my dd2 is 8 months old. She has 3, good sized meals a day and milk only from the breast. I have no great advice - obviously - just wanted to say you are not alone!!

spilla Wed 08-Mar-06 16:33:23

Lipstickmum I'm sure WE are NOT alone - just need some advice and support from people who have or are going through same thing

Makes me so depressed that I stop trying for a while then have to start all over again - don't knwo what to do

charmkin Wed 08-Mar-06 16:46:19


I'm going through this too.

Going back to work in 4 weeks.

Compounded by fact that ds seems to have cow's milk allergy/intolerance.


UKmum4 Wed 08-Mar-06 16:46:35

I think when you are truely ready you will have the strength not to give in. Be wary of getting your boobs out after a fuss - it teaches them that if they cry long enough and hard enough they'll get want they want eventually

LipstickMum Thu 09-Mar-06 14:34:44

I know, I really try not to pop her on the boob at every whinge and I think I do pretty well. Dd has a morning feed, one before her lunchtime nap, sometimes one when she wakes in the afternoon (3ish) and one at bedtime. None of these seem to put her off her meals. The last couple of nights she's been sleeping through, but has previously woken for one feed.

Charmkin, good luck with going back to work! I suppose something will have to work for you wont it? Who's looking after your baby? I'm a sahm so I'm there all the time, no cold turkey for my dd!

JulieSara Sun 12-Oct-08 22:30:32

someone help me, what is DD and ds?

MrsBadger Sun 12-Oct-08 22:46:14

a darling daughter and a darling son (ahaha)

acronym list here

tiktok Mon 13-Oct-08 11:44:10

Spilla, do you have to totally stop? Sounds like stopping is upsetting for both of you. How about being more gradual about it - that way it can happen without assuming there is no deadline looming?

Romy7 Mon 13-Oct-08 11:49:49

i went cold turkey with ds at ten months. he was exactly the same and fed 2 hourly day and night.

he wouldn't let plastic near his face. sent him into a screaming hissy fit. me, dh, many friends and a very brave hv had all tried for about 4 months, so at ten months i just said no more and refused to feed him.

not very wise, but i was at the end of my tether with exhaustion and he was as stubborn as a mule. two days in and he deigned to take a cup and hasn't looked back since. he slept through after that lol.

good luck. 'weaning him off' was never going work with my ds, despite the hv's best efforts with a teaspoon. grin

Romy7 Mon 13-Oct-08 11:51:48

and don't even ask me how much i spent on different teats/ bottles/ cups/ beakers in an attempt to find something he would tolerate. grin

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