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baby gravy granules

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shellybelly Mon 06-Mar-06 12:17:13

Just had a review appt with dietician for dd (8mths) her weight was going up really well but as she has had a tummy bug she has dropped in weight anyway the dietician mentioned baby gravy granules and a cheese sauce granule but she couldn't remember if it was C&G who made them and if they were still available, anyone know??

TinyGang Mon 06-Mar-06 12:20:31

Have you tried Boots? Used to get both there, but that was some time ago.

Enid Mon 06-Mar-06 12:22:04

Make your OWN cheese sauce and gravy! Especially if she is dropping in weight

Twiglett Mon 06-Mar-06 12:23:24

how exactly is gravy supposed to help your DD put on weight??

Enid Mon 06-Mar-06 12:23:48

and this person is a dietician

shellybelly Mon 06-Mar-06 12:24:08

not really sure what the shock is about, only asked as the dietician mentioned them and I do usually make my OWN

Normsnockers Mon 06-Mar-06 12:24:29

Message withdrawn

Enid Mon 06-Mar-06 12:24:49

well carry on making your own and ignore what she says

Normsnockers Mon 06-Mar-06 12:26:07

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Mon 06-Mar-06 12:26:39

the shock is over the advice to get manufactured granules

how is that supposed to help your DD put on weight

if you make your own .. then keep doing it


shellybelly Mon 06-Mar-06 12:27:56

the conversation was about food in general and what dd could have to fatten her up, and gravy granules was mentioned coz i asked if you could get stock cubes that were suitable for children in no way did the dietician say gravy was going to fatten dd up,

gingernutlover Mon 06-Mar-06 14:08:27

the cow and gate ewebsite has recipes for baby gravy and cheese sauce. dd loves the cheese sauce, haven't tried the gravy.

gingernutlover Mon 06-Mar-06 14:09:40



moondog Mon 06-Mar-06 14:12:50

Gravy granules????
Fucking hell,the woman should be sacked!!

moondog Mon 06-Mar-06 14:13:49

Gravy granules????
Fucking hell,the woman should be sacked!!

tiktok Mon 06-Mar-06 14:29:03

calm down dear

The gravy granules are/were no worse than any dried food specially made for a baby - if they were marketed for babies there would be stringent rules about salt and additives.

Depends what you think of dried food for babies - which is, lets face it, not going to be as nourishing as the sort of gravy you make yourself (hours in the kitchen reducing stock made from pigs brains and trotters....that sorta thing). But it's probably more convenient ;)

shellybelly Mon 06-Mar-06 16:24:11

I'll say it again she said baby gravy granules infact she mentioned C&G make that didn't contain salt (moondog please read my post properly) but if you have a quick recipe for making gravy that doesn't entail cooking chicken bones and veg for hours please do tell

TinyGang Mon 06-Mar-06 16:25:08

I used the baby gravy sometimes. I'm sure it was just a suggestion that might make a busy mum's life a bit easier on occasion. That's not a sacking offence is it?

Doesn't sound like she was advocating feeding a baby on that and nothing else, just to make her put in weight.

TinyGang Mon 06-Mar-06 16:26:30

Aargh..'on' not 'in'.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 06-Mar-06 16:27:16

Dont know about cheese sauce/gravy granules.

But, my usual tip for babies to gain weight is to mix double cream/grated cheese in with their food.

Lots of fat content

shellybelly Mon 06-Mar-06 16:32:33

exactly tinygang, wanted something that was quick and easy, but for anyone else I will explain properly she was talking about dd having family meals with us but putting things in that would bump up her calorie intake ie putting full fat cream into mashed tatties or adding cheese to things that sort of thing, I mentioned that I was wanting to do casseroles and she said fine but i told her most recipes had chicken stock in and could I get a stock with reduced salt she said no but did say that there was a baby gravy granules on the market coz i had mentioned the nursery had given dd sausages/mash, IN NO WAY DID SHE SAY GRAVY GRANULES WOULD FATTEN DD UP
phew ask a simple question

Wordsmith Mon 06-Mar-06 16:37:45

PMSL at the mummy mafia's reaction to this innocent question! You don't [cringe] bottle feed as well do you Shelly?

There's no such thing as a 'simple question' on MN!

(Think you can get them in Boots, by the way)

TinyGang Mon 06-Mar-06 16:43:32

Sounded a simple enough question to me Shelley.

Mine are all past the baby stage now, but I used it sometimes because it was low in salt and <horror!> convenient. I remember getting it in Boots - maybe they do their own? It'd be a shame if it's no longer available because it was handy now and again. I did make a huge amount of my own baby food, most of it in fact, and yes I suppose that's preferable where possible, but sometimes I used things like this too. So shoot me!

I must say I'm a bit surprised at some reactions here, the inference being that if you dont start from scratch making up batches of home made gravies you are somehow not DOING THE RIGHT THING. Whatever next? Home woven nappies?

shellybelly Mon 06-Mar-06 16:53:31

ooooooh I do bottle feed (go on someone have a dig about that, I dare ya) tho only because I had problems breast feeding totally different and long story so I won't go there and I thought it was a simple enough question too, have to say I often go on baby forums and this site by far is the bluntest (trying to sound diplomatic) I don't pretend to be bloody delia smith I'm a first time mum and yes I find it difficult my dd has had minor problems from birth and I do use jar foods and anything that is quick and easy to use on occasion can't be that bad surely, tho can i say in my defence there is a chicken casserole in the oven and tatties on the hob so I'm trying to improve my efforts, there must be an awful lot of supermums on here is all I can say (and if it is ok to be blunt here then so shall i)

Twiglett Mon 06-Mar-06 17:01:33

I suppose that's me being called the mafia then

I don't know ask a simple bleeding question .. I honestly didn't get it .. but then I've never used gravy or cheese sauce when weaning either of mine .. full fat yogurt / cream / butter seems adequate

Here's something that'll surprise many of the commercial stock cubes actually don't have that high a salt content .. so personally i wouldn't worry too much about giving an 8 month old a casserole made with stock cubes


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