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weaning questions!

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sarahu Thu 11-Dec-03 17:37:42

My DD is 6 months old and I started her on solids about 3 weeks ago. From what I have read it seems that 6 months is something of a 'threshold' mark - after this I can give her wheat/egg yolk/dairy this right? I know that I shouldn't give her cows milk as a drink until after she is 1, but can I use it in cooking when I make her food - or is it better to stick to made up formula (she is bottlefed)?

Also can I give her semolina? Not sure what it comes from.....

So far I haven't had any problems with the solids - the only on she isn't keen on is apple - she likes all the vegetable mush that i have given her!

Is there anything that I should definitely avoid? Are lentils OK now? Cheese? Yoghurt?

Sorry if these are dumb questions but I'm new at this and the more books I look at the more confused I get as they all say different things.

I am pretty much being guided by my DD, but at the same time i don't want to give her something which could make her react (although I know I can't predict that too much), or which her system can;t cope with.

Thanks for your help!

popsycal Thu 11-Dec-03 17:49:26

you are right about the cows food from 6 months but as a drink from 12 months

i think with egg, the recommendation is to wait until 9 months.....someone will correct me if i am wrong

cheese and yoghurt are fine also

However, if you have only just started weaning your dd very recently, I would be tempted to contnue with 'non allergy' foods...fruit, veg etc...for a little longer whilst her little digestive system gets used to it...

Take it slowly and allow her body to get used to each new food before introducing a new one

I may be paranoid, but when I introduced a new food which had an 'allergy' reputation, I only gave a VERY small amount the first time around

I am no expert though,.....only a normal mum!!

bobthebaby Thu 11-Dec-03 19:13:40

If you have allergies in your family I would avoid giving the following in the first year (and some of them even longer) egg, dairy, wheat, citrus, kiwi fruit, tomato, nuts.

The longer you leave off wheat the better really as its very difficult for their little insides to process and can lead to problems later on if introduced too early. Semolina is wheat.

If you don't have allergies it seems you can just avoid the egg white and peanuts and be okay. However I wonder why when they changed the weaning age to 6 months from 4, all the food which used to be 6 months didn't become 8 months.

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