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Baby refuses to be weaned - will it all come right soon or will I always battle?

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LJay Sun 07-Dec-03 14:53:30

My now 6 and a bit month old baby refuses to be weaned. The only things I have managed to get down him (reluctantly) are mango puree and sometimes he will chew on a rusk. He does not like any other fruit or vegtable puree, neither does he like baby rice. He will push the food away and if he does inadvertantly swallow some he screws up his face and shivers as if I am poisoning him.

What I need to know is - do I have to keep battling with him and keep trying things until I find something he likes or will it come good in a month or so? I have read that sometimes they are not interested in food until seven months but I don't know of any other babies like this.

I am not overly worried about weight gain - it is a bit on the low side. He still drinks his milk. Just that I didn't have this problem with my first and so am at a bit of a loss.

Any ideas???

SenoraPostrophe Sun 07-Dec-03 15:36:32

I reckon it'll come alright!

It does take babies a while to get used to things and you may have to try several times with one particular food before they discover that they do, in fact, like it.

Keep trying is all I can advise really (and don't assume that a food is no good because he refuses it once: try at least 3 times if not 5).

fairydust Sun 07-Dec-03 17:27:38

my dd was like that then one day we found something she liked stuck to that and then gradually introduced different things -

have u tried the jars from boots - i know they can be expensive but dd took to thoose rather than homemade -

the choc pud went down well

pupuce Sun 07-Dec-03 19:17:52

The jar idea is OK if you don't mind being stuck feeding ajrs only. There are many women who find it a real pain in the axxx to have to be stuck with jars

Baby will show interest.... and evenb at 6 months old the bulk of his food is/ can be milk anyway.

ninja Sun 07-Dec-03 19:48:19

My dd likes odd things like spicey houmous, avocados, baked potatoes so it might just be a case of trying. Does he show interest in your food? DD isn't intereseted if it comes from a spoon but will (try and) feed herself and she's 7 months. She's definitely getting more interested as the days go on.

I'm sute he'll get there

LJay Tue 09-Dec-03 19:35:03

Thank you for your replies, I haven't been around because both boys are unwell! Anyway, it seems like ds2 is now on strike, refusing milk AND food. Not all milk, but we do struggle to get it down. I think it is because he is not feeling too well. I wonder when I should start to worry...

I will try your suggestions and hopefully one day he will eat!

(I keep telling myself that he won't still be on milk only when he is 18 - so it must change at some stage, right?)

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