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Beaba babycook broken

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nennyrainbow Tue 07-Feb-06 16:22:46

I bought a 2nd hand babycook (steamer / blender) off ebay last year as I couldn't find a new one anywhere. Then last week I put the white plastic ring bit in the steriliser by mistake and it's melted (so don't try this one at home, ladies!). I've phoned the customer careline in my recipe book (01179 273596) to get a replacement and been told that the number's no longer recognised. Does anyone have an up to date number to call or has Beaba gone bust and left us all in the lurch?

Racers Tue 07-Feb-06 16:32:44


nennyrainbow Tue 07-Feb-06 21:34:52

thanks, racers. I've emailed them (in English) so will see what comes of it.

bamboo Wed 08-Feb-06 14:46:54

I had contact with a mumsnetter re a babycook last year and she said Beaba had been taken over by Smoby, so it may be another avenue to try if you get no joy from your e mail. Their customer service number is 01795 477999. I don't know if she had any joy from them though.

Racers Wed 08-Feb-06 20:49:06

No probs! I'll do (almost) anything to avoid work!

mummygow Wed 08-Feb-06 20:56:03

I wish I could read what the website was saying - the products are gorgeous, are they expensive?

nennyrainbow Fri 10-Feb-06 10:10:40

The babycook certainly is great, I don't know about any of the other products as you don't seem to be able to buy them in this country. The babycook was expensive (£35 2nd hand, I think it's about £60 new) but worth it (if only I could get the spare part!!). The French people at Beaba haven't replied to my email.....
Does anyone have the new (green and cream coloured) babycook? If so, is the phone number in the book the same?
All this effort for a little piece of white plastic that probably costs about 20p to produce.......

vic891 Mon 13-Feb-06 13:58:15

hi, i have the new beaba (think so anyway - only about 4 months old). there is only a french tel no in the booklet - +33 (0)4 74 73 15 63 - and the web address is

vic891 Mon 13-Feb-06 13:59:21

ps the website (english version available) says their after-sales team is "lively and efficient" - there you go then!

nennyrainbow Mon 13-Feb-06 22:43:44

thanks, that's great. I'll have a go at that one next - might have to brush up on my French first......

chipmonkey Sat 18-Feb-06 23:09:54

nennyrainbow try babelfish for the French!

heltom Mon 20-Feb-06 11:55:44


I'm English but live in France and am thinking of buying the Beaba babycook. Froms the sounds of it it's well worth it!!
If you need any help with the french to locate the spare part you need, then let me know I'll be glad to help!!

nennyrainbow Tue 21-Feb-06 14:43:52

Thanks for your tips and offers of help, everyone. This is turning into a bit of a nightmare - the "lively and efficient team' at Beaba do not appear to exist as the number on the English bit of the website doesn't connect!! I think they don't want us using their products....
I've got an old French friend living in Toulouse so my next plan is to try to contact her and see if she can order the part from the French website (it's a different tel no. and starts 0800 so probably only works within France) and have it sent to her address. I'll keep you posted how it goes....

Moral of the story: don't put any Beaba parts in the microwave steriliser!!!

nennyrainbow Sat 25-Feb-06 23:43:08

I take it all back!

A small package arrived from France this morning containing....guess what? They didn't even charge me for it. Seems they must have read my email after all......

So if anyone else needs a spare part for their babycook, contact Beaba in France ( and they'll send it.

chipmonkey Sun 26-Feb-06 00:40:34

excellent! Vive La France!

stormymama Thu 01-Feb-07 11:22:02

If anyone is still looking for a BEABA babycook, you can get one at the bargain price of £39 from

sabz Sat 02-Feb-08 17:33:51

i want a babycook but cant find it on holiday can someone plz help?

ShowMeTheCocoa Wed 07-Aug-13 23:08:57

Hi, if anyone is looking for a secondhand BabyCook and has stumbled across this old thread, we have one with a cracked lid which you can have for next to nothing! Still in working order, just that the lid on the jug is without a handle and is cracked. Also food basket stained (from fruit, probably!). We are in Twickenham.

eilinn Sun 25-Aug-13 16:02:41


I would love to get your broken Babycook for parts as my thermostat seems to be a little iffy.

Please do reply if you are still available

ishverbhai Tue 10-Sep-19 11:14:26

Hi, I have a new beaba babycook Neo, the one with the glass jug. Sadly it cracked badly whilst steaming some broccoli - just a simple cooking method its advertised to do. I've emailed beaba several times and no response. This costs around £150 brand new and I have no customer service for support. Phones dont connect and emails disappear into cyber space.
As much as I have loved Beaba babycook products before, sadly I think this is an end to an era. If they cant be bothered to look after their customers then its money badly spent as the warranty means nothing.

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