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How much formula does you approx 10 month old have?

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YaMaYaMa Wed 26-Oct-11 10:52:54

my dd has 210 mls at about 5.30am when she gets up and the same again when she goes to bed at about 6.30pm. She goes to nursery twice a week and I send in the powder for 180mls for an afternoon milk too, but that's more becuase I worry that she wont get a long cuddle otherwse. Although she probably would.

Is that too much? She eats very well and can put quite a bit of food away.

Natzer Wed 26-Oct-11 11:00:29

I understand the advice is that between 6 -12 months they should have 20oz (about 600ml) of milk per day.

Then at 12 months it drops to 12 oz. (Thats what I read, but i don't know how long that is for)

YaMaYaMa Wed 26-Oct-11 11:48:26

Thanks Natzer, you're right, just had a look at the weaning info on MN.

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