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8month old off solids full o cold

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rainbowrosie Fri 21-Oct-11 07:50:47

Ok this is probably blindingly obviously - baby joe is full of cold and cough and teething and he is refusing solids - just taking milk

i just do not remember this happening with older daughter she never went off solids whilst teething and joe is a fussier eater so bit unsure what to do

do i just let him recover prioritise him milk / keep offering him solids - thought i would take it back to basics with sweet potatoe / fruit / yoghurtsetc

then once he back to normal try introducing more savory

he is up more at night as he is not really taking any solids at the moment

I wonder how long i should let this happen without worrying bout it


JiltedJohnsGhoulie Fri 21-Oct-11 12:34:34

"I wonder how long i should let this happen without worrying bout it" well, until he's about one smile.

Seriously though, I think you are doing everything right. He should be getting most of his nutrition from milk at the moment so refusing solids isn't much of a worry.

Keep giving him his milk and offer the solids, if it was me I'd be offering the normal stuff but I'd make sure at least one meal was something he'd really enjoy. If sleep is the problem could you offer him a bedtime snack of something like Oatibix too?

Are you putting something like Dentinox gel on his gums or using Ibruprofen too? He may want to eat more if his gums don't hurt so much.

rainbowrosie Fri 21-Oct-11 18:10:33

thanks jjg... he is much more interested in sweet things rather than pasta's etc so i think i am going to try to get back to basics and get the veggies back in favour as well

yes i am giving him cereal for supper at the moment as he is food refusing - actually he has thrown his supper up the last 2 nights - poor wee thing so i am gonna just back off the food until he is back on the full health road

he has seen a doctor and just started antibiotics as well so its all going on for him at the moment so slowly slowly -

do you know can you mix calpol & antibiotic amoxicillian - will check outt

BertieBotts Fri 21-Oct-11 18:12:41

I'm pretty sure you can mix calpol & amoxycillin but best to check - you could phone your doctor (might still be doing evening surgery) or NHS direct or speak to a pharmacist. I've done this over the phone before.

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