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Weaning premature babies

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babyson Thu 20-Oct-11 09:08:06

Anyone got any experience of blw for prem babies? My baby is a 32 week-er, is now 23 and a bit weeks, bf baby. We were told not to wean until at least 6 months so will hold on a few more weeks but he's quite a big baby (16lb) and i think will need weaning soon. My worry is that although he has started to be interested in food and putting everything in his mouth he is still catching up developmentally so doesnt sit etc yet - am i going to be able to do blw or am i better with baby rice etc? Am first time Mum so new to all this!

TipOfTheSlung Thu 20-Oct-11 09:12:36

They say go by actual age not corrected son't they.
From memory (dd is now 5) she couldn't sit very well so she was the only one I started off on purees and rice. Others may have done it differently though.
Size of baby and putting things in mouth are not really signs of needing weaning though

PacificDogwood Thu 20-Oct-11 09:19:43

DS2 was born at 31 weeks.

I started weaning him just before 7 months. Kind of between his corrected and real age. He was a porker too but managed fine with lots of milk until then.

Sticking things in their mouth is more a developmental thing, exploring things orally, so does not necessarily mean he needs solids.
In terms of calories/filling milk is far better than a bit of mushed pear or baby rice (yeuch, have you tasted baby rice?!) anyway.

bessie26 Thu 20-Oct-11 16:29:17

DD1 was born at 33 wks, they told me (2.5 years ago) to wean at her actual age (not adjusted). I just followed the meal planner (purees) in the Annabel Karmel book like my friends did, and gave her lumps of veg to hold although she totally ignored them! I sat her in the bumbo to begin with as she seemed so small for the high chair.

nothingbyhalves Sun 23-Oct-11 22:00:29

DTS born at 31 weeks. I was told to wean at 5 months. I introduced some baby rice at 5 and a half months , they loved it! I followed my instinct. Do the same. The general advice given 18 months ago was to wean on actual age not corrected. Good luck!

MrsDobalina Tue 25-Oct-11 23:27:03

DD was a 34 weeker and weaned at 6 months actual on purees then switched at 6 months corrected to blw (she couldn't sit up in the highchair before then anyway and would slouch all over the bumbo).

I hated pureeing as did DD - she either barely touched them or ate so much she was sick and cried with stomach ache. She was better with blw, maybe also cos she was a bit older too. I made the switch slowly at first (still keeping one meal or porridge or baby rice or veg puree) and gave finger foods (usually DS's leftovers!) and usually helped her hold it cos her motor skills were still a bit rubbish (defo not 'proper' blw practise wink).

She hit her stride at 8 mo actual now and chows down on 3 good meals a day and I think eats more than the toddler. I did bf a lot on demand at first (still do hmm). In fact I think she got eating and blw quicker than DS despite being prem!

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