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Help! Advise on feeding a 7&1/2mth old!

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Marina22 Tue 18-Oct-11 12:44:05

Dear all, I would very much like your advise for feeding my son -
Background: My son has had no problems feeding & weaning was easy. Up until now he ate well including the transition from puree to textured.
The problem is that last week we went on holiday and had no access to home cooking. So with this in mind I bought organic healthly reputable branded food, which were recommended by all mums i spoke with. Unfortunately apart from the fruit products & one meat meal, he hated them I had to resort to porridge and extra milk. Now we are back home & back to home cooking, he is still refusing his meals apart from his morning porridge with fruit, yogurts and pureed fruit.
He closes him mouth firmly and howls. The odd occasion when we can sneak a spoonful in, he eats it and does not spit out. We maintain a calm feed, by singing, playing, praise & a lot of patience! He is happy until the spoon comes near & then back to crying & refusal. Again this only happens with lunch & tea. Once he has finally eaten, I give him either a yogurt or fruit & he takes these without complaint, despite howling for the last hour over his main meal!!
Now we are back home, I have not increased his milk feeds and stick to the routine we had before last week. Has anyone experianced the same???

bankholiday Tue 18-Oct-11 13:39:51

Hi Marina, no experience of this, DS is 7.5 months too but rarely refuses food. However, just a thought: have your tried offering finger foods alongside the spoon foods and just let your DS play with them? Also, you're saying the feed is calm but also that he can howl for an hour over the main meal. I think I'd just give up much sooner, just so he doesn't develop bad associations with his highchair. Maybe get him out even if he didn't eat, he will not starve himself. I think routine is less important at this stage until he starts eating again, so I would focus on this and just feed him whenever he shows signs of hunger.

Good luck, it's frustrating but it sounds like your DS really is a good eater whose habits were disrupted by your holiday, so hopefully he'll be back to normal soon.

JiltedJohnsGhoulie Fri 21-Oct-11 12:13:24

How is it going now Marina has he improved at all?

At this stage though it really doesn't matter if he is refusing his solids so, with that in mind I'd be tempted to hand over the spoon to him or give him finger foods and let him have a go at feeding himself. I'd do this while you eat yourself and then only really take notice of hm if he eats. That way he'll get used to the rhythm of a mealtime as well as the food.

Know it can be really frustrating when they don't eat, but he seem to be getting alot of attention for refusing food.

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