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Gill Rapley book

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vj32 Mon 17-Oct-11 23:00:23

Anyone else find this really patronising and annoying. I read one of the Annabel Karmel ones and thought this would be similar, just obviously describing a different approach. But its not really.

She says you must not wean before 6 months, despite advocating a baby led approach, which seems a contradiction - what if the baby is developmentally ready before the magic 26 week mark?

She seems to think if you feed your babies puree you are going to go about it in a stupid and possibly cruel way - forcing food into your babies mouth, and giving it to them really fast.

Mostly though, she goes on in the first section about how there is no research evidence to support traditional weaning, just anecdotes, and obviously this should be questioned. But then provides no research based evidence herself and on every page is a cheesy anecdote, almost all of which say weaning the traditional way (as they all seem to have done with their first child) is very hard work and they forced food on their baby before they were ready because people told them to. Now they have waited until 6 months with BLW and their child is eating so much better than its older siblings.

Really annoying book assuming everyone is stupid. Really lucky I borrowed it from the library rather than buying it. But everyone seems to say its fab. Am I the only one or am I reading a different book????

Sowlers Tue 18-Oct-11 07:04:08

I have to agree with you to be honest, it's an informative and useful book and I am glad I read it but you have made some good points. I did Annabel Karmel with DS1 and he loved every meal and was more than happy to be spoon fed. However, he is really fussy now and dies gag a lot on any unfamiliar food or unexpected textures. I have no idea if this was caused by how I weaned him or is just how he is, but I investigated blw and read Gill Rapley to get an alternative view of how I could do things with DS2. We are 4 weeks into blw and enjoying it (apart from the mess!!) but I have to say my DS really doesn't mind being spoon fed, I was doing loaded spoons for sloppy stuff and he really just likes me to help. I'm finding he isn't a blw purist!! Then again, if he is happily letting me help, isn't that him "leading" me??? I'm bumbling my way through this and we seem to be managing but it did give me a bit more confidence reading your post that I don't have to follow the book 100%. I'm fickle I know, I like to know someone out there is on the same page as me!!grin

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