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Reintroducing food to 11 mo after illness

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SuperSesame Mon 17-Oct-11 15:35:05

My 11mo is slowly recovering from infection in his throat. He is on day 3 of a 7 day anti-biotic course.
For the past few days, he has eaten very little if any solid food.
The GP said that its fine if he's only having liquids for a few days, but to be sure he is having plenty of wet nappies. He's BF at night which is still going ok, maybe increased. During the day he has a bottle of milk normally, but is refusing this. He usually has water with food at mealtimes. As he's not really eating or drinking at mealtimes, in fact screaming when placed in his highchair, I offered diluted juice (which he never ever has) and he loved it, so I am happy for the moment to keep at that, and wean him off it when he's better.
But I'm concerned now about his solid food intake. Up until last week he loved his food and would eat anything. I think there are two issues. One is that it hurt to eat, so he's apprehensive about any food, on a spoon or on his tray. The second is that we are forcefully giving him his anti-biotics with a syringe. I can't figure out any other way and he's trying to push his head away while we hold it still. It seems cruel, but I don't know how else to administer it. He's lost his trust in us by doing this, I think.
How can I slowly and gently encourage him to eat and regain his trust. Is it possible to do this alongside the anti-b course?

JiltedJohnsGhoulie Fri 21-Oct-11 12:16:54

Know that giving him his antibiotics via a syringe can seem cruel but it is much better that he gets them and recovers quickly from the infection.

How is he getting on now with the food? Is there any reason you can't bf more during the day as well as at night?

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