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Freezing sweet potato

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Natzer Tue 11-Oct-11 18:46:02

I have already frozen pureed sweet potato, but I am now going more down the BLW finger foods route. I had a bit of a glut of sweet potatoes today after ordering 3 in my online shopping, but the 3 that got delivered are each almost the size of a pumpkin. shock

If I cut them into thumb size pieces and steam them, can I then freeze them and then defrost and warm when required?

edeluna Wed 12-Oct-11 21:31:31

Yes, you can do this -- just as you do with purees -- as long as you only defrost and reheat them once. (I've heard it's considered risky to refreeze and reheat food more than once if it's been frozen . Not sure if it can spoil the food or if it's more a matter of nutrients breaking down.)

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