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Tips for holiday with BLW 9mo please?

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WhoahThereCrazyHorse Tue 11-Oct-11 12:20:29

We've been away once before when dd was 5 mo and I know it was nowhere near as stressful as I'd worried it might be, but I'm now a bit confused about this holiday. We're going self-catering to Lanzarote, DD obviously was only on milk last time but now is eating - is anyone an experienced holiday self-caterer who can give me tips on what I should take or how I should deal with BLW when we're away? Here dd eats all home-made stuff, not necessarily through choice but more because she refuses anything from a spoon which is a bit of a ballache really. I can't see me batch-cooking a stew or doing home-made turkey sausages when we're away, but nor do I just want to give her nothing but bread and cheese for a week.

Any tips please?

MedicalEd Wed 12-Oct-11 12:33:16

We've just come back from a long holiday and DD (now 7.5 months) was pretty much still on mush when we left but is dealing with finger food well now.
She basically ate what we did. In restaurants just pick things that do not seem salty. Its a good excuse to nick bits from everyone's plate.
I took some ready brek for mornings but she also had scrambled eggs and croissants. She ate everything, fish, steak, crab, prawns, you name it.
Avocado is a good stand-by food to have in the fridge, full of good fat and easy for little ones to eat. Get a crinkle cutter if you haven't already got one (makes slimy things easier to hold).
She loved roasted chopped courgette, onion, aubergine with some garlic. Dead easy and quick to do and everyone else will eat it too.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 12-Oct-11 14:14:44

Agree with Medical. I wouldn't be making anything special, it is your holiday too. Take some baby breadsticks and some Ready Brek or Oatabix. She'll be fine with those, dips, fruit and veg, yoghurt and some bits of everyone's plate.

BartletForAmerica Wed 12-Oct-11 19:20:40

We did as medical said on holiday. We just picked our meals so that DS could have bits of ours. He loved moules frites - He gobbled up the mussels and I just asked for the chips without salt. I figured that he would be getting more salt than normal but, given his normal low salt diet, one week didn't matter. I did take some Organix gingerbread men and Oaty bars too, just so we had snacks I knew he would eat at the airport etc.

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