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Baby now refusing morning bottle

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GSL1981 Mon 10-Oct-11 10:32:46

Hi Everyone,

I'm a first time poster so Hi firstly, this maybe a bit of a long post so sorry inadvance and also apologise if it's in the wrong section.

My DD is 6 1/2 months old her names Freya, I started weaning her at 6 months and she loves it.
She'll gobble down her baby porridge and her tea as if there's no tomorrow. However she is refusing her AM/morning and bedtime bottle.
I know the importance of her having 1 pint of formula a day but I was under the impression the AM and bedtime bottle are 2 of the most important but these are 2 she won't have. I have started giving her the AM bottle on her cereal or porridge (she'll perhaps take 3oz from the bottle) and feeding her at 9pm (like a dream feed) her bedtime bottle. This means with the bottles she's taken during the day she has her 1 pint of formula approx.
Am I doing the right thing? the HV are a little vague TBH.
I have also recently been criticised for the way my DD has taken over myself and partners life and how she's not in a routine (which she is) so generally I'm second guessing all the time now.

Any ideas as to how to go about getting Freya to have her AM and bedtime bottle or of others who have had similar experiences would be great.
Thanks from Gem

Ragwort Mon 10-Oct-11 10:37:07

Why not put trying the milk in a beaker, perhaps she just doesn't like the actual bottle anymore.

Who is criticising you? If you, DP and DD are happy why is anyone else even commenting on your parenting?

GSL1981 Mon 10-Oct-11 10:46:02

That's good idea, I give her water in a beaker at tea time and she loves drinking out of that or maybe it's just the mess she enjoys lol.

It's my DP's sister, no kids of course!

Sowlers Mon 10-Oct-11 11:35:20

Ignore the SIL, I had a weekendaway recently and a friend with no children was very critical of my DS and how I am too soft- none of their business to be honest!!! As previous poster says, if you DH and DD are happy then you must be getting something right!! Sounds to me like you and DD have your own little routine and it works well, stay strong!!! smile

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