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Moving on from basic purees

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spewgloriousspew Sun 09-Oct-11 08:51:32

Quick question...

my son has been having basic purees (carrot, b'nut squash, swede, fruits etc) for the last couple of weeks. Just at lunch.

When should I be moving on to giving him more 'meal' kind of purees (like pureed chicken casserole etc). I'm making them, rather than using sachets.

And when should I move on to giving him two meals/day?

Have looked at the Annabel Karmel meal planners, but can't find one for under seven months/three meals per day. What I really want is a kind of timeline for when I should be making these steps forward.

Sorry, this wasn't such a quick question!

Thanks in advance

spewgloriousspew Sun 09-Oct-11 08:53:17

Oh, and when should I be giving him carbs, like rice/pasta? At the moment all he's doing is adjusting to the new sensation of eating. But not sure when I should be introducing all the meal components.

lilham Sun 09-Oct-11 09:40:42

Once he's 6mo you can slowly move onto the second stage weaning of AK's book. They will struggle with lumps first but don't worry.

You can add a meal if they look willing to eat. There are no hard and fast rule.

PS I thought the after first taste accepted menu planner has 3 meals a day. I might have remembered incorrectly though.

lilham Sun 09-Oct-11 09:42:29

Also if you ate following AK just follow her meal planner as to how and when to introduce new foods. Especially the 2nd stage one.

spewgloriousspew Sun 09-Oct-11 20:26:56

Hi Lilham, thanks for your answer. This is the 'earliest' AK meal planner on her website:

Nothing for under 7 months. He's 5 1/2 months at the moment but a very hungry baby - milk's not really satisfying him anymore, so have started the purees.

He's been on purees for a couple of weeks, so am thinking of adding in a 'breakfast' taster and a more substantial lunch this week. Fruit and baby porridge. Exciting times!

lilham Mon 10-Oct-11 07:23:28

Ah didnt know your LO is so young. They can't have gluten or meat until 6mo. That's why there's no carbs in the meal planner until 7mo. Before 6mo they can only eat root veg and fruit and baby porridge. Once 6mo you slowly introduce all the wonderful meat, eggs, pasta etc, building up to the 7mo menu iyswim.

If hes hungry, it's advised to just give more milk because milk is more calorie rich then veg. You dont really want to stuff him full with carrots. One trick I have told once you are 6mo is to stir in things like cream cheese and yoghurt into the purée. It increases the calorie content without introducing lumps.

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