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Gah - DS has become really picky

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ImpYCelyn Fri 07-Oct-11 12:28:16

He'll be 1 next week. We did BLW and he used to eat everything. Then gradually he started refusing more and more foods. He refused to feed himself, but would eat off of a spoon, so I let him spoon feed himself, but then he wouldn't even do that and would only eat spoon stuff if I gave it to him, so I did that because I wasn't sure what else to do.

Now he's stopped eating off a spoon and we've reached the point where he will eat pitta bread, toast with peanut butter or marmite, pasta, bananas, chicken, porridge, fish fingers and I think that's about it.

He'll sometimes eat bolognese sauce and occasionally a jar of baby food (when I've abandoned whatever else he was not eating) but he'll only have those off a spoon. Oh, and apple purée.

He won't eat any vegetables at all anymore. I've tried putting them in other foods and pureeing them and putting them on toast, and he refuses the whole lot. He won't eat any other fruit.

He's dairy intolerant. He'll eat soya fruit yoghurts, but they have so much sugar in I worry about giving them to him.

What should I do? Please give me any suggestions.

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