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Friend started 15 wk old on baby rice. I'm a bit shocked.

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pipoca Tue 04-Oct-11 15:05:41

I have a 20 week old DD who is ebf (much to my surprise after failing miserably to bf DS). She's doing great and will be on milk alone til 6 months and then hope to do BLW again as it was great with DS (after a false start with purees before I knew about BLW)

A friend of mine has just started her 15 wk old on baby rice...she "loved it" apparently hmm. Hopes it will help her sleep at night hmm. Don't know her well enough to tell her she's out of her tiny mind explain the reasons for waiting til 6 months to wean so feel a bit sad about the whole thing in general. She's a bit netmumsy in general so in a way I'm not surprised but she bfed her DS to 13 months and is bfing this one so I'm a bit shocked, maybe unreasonably. Just thought if you knew about the benefits of bf and bfed to a yr you'd know not to wean so early?? AIBU?

I can't even begin to fathom why she's bothering to faff about with baby rice at 15 months, never mind the health aspects. Why do people do it?

forevergreek Wed 20-Mar-13 13:31:12

I agree with op

Also I don't understand how many on here are saying ' I weaned at xyz weeks and they are fine'. How old are your children? I'm assuming most are still under 18, how do you know at all that thy are fine? They could get to 25/35 and suffer be coeliac/ new allergies/ prone to more things than others. You have no idea

I'm also not sure about the ' everyone used to wean early'. My grandmother was weaned at 8 months ( born during ww2) and mother at 6 months. Both their mothers explanations were they had a few children close in age, being able to just bf/ bottle feed youngest was the easiest option.

I cant see how poor during the war on rations for example would think it a good idea to have to find more food to feed another mouth when they could just bf for free ( I think under ones didn't even have a proper ration book).

We were all weaned at 6 months ( 14 years between oldest and youngest), and so were our children. it's never been under 4 months as guidelines as others have mentioned.

Out of close friends I also don't know anyone to have weaned early ( give or take a week)

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