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Come and share your dairy free weaning meal plans

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pettyprudence Fri 23-Sep-11 21:45:26

DS (6 months) is CMP intolerant, thankfully not too badly, but does screamy sicks when he has dairy so trying to avoid/introduce VERY slowly (because i'm hoping he will outgrow it). On advice of HV I am reintroducing dairy in to my diet (EBF) to see if he still has a reaction to that (seems to but keeping an eye on him over the weekend as only started today) and back to doctors next week for a referral to paed/dietician.

Basically what I am after is suggested meal plans to guide me on how to give DS a balanced diet without dairy (and soya as I've heard many babies have the same reaction to this) as there is a 6-8wk wait for referral.

This seems to be a fairly common problem, so hoping I can find some inspiration for meals that aren't just fruit/veg and inspire others too smile


hwhite6 Sat 24-Sep-11 09:38:01

For first stage weaning, veg & fruit like normal, then ordinary meals like risottos, stews/ casseroles, bolognaise, curries (with coconut milk).
Just use Vitalite instead of butter in cooking & baking. If you're avoiding soya too, use Oatly milk & oatly cream if you want to make a White sauce for fish pie, pancakes etc. You'll struggle to find 'cheese' & 'yoghurt' substitutes hard to find if soya is a no-go; but it hasn't done my LO any harm, what they don't know about, they don't miss!

Even though your ebf, your GP should have prescribed a hydrolysed formula for you to use for cooking for LO, even if you're not making it as a 'milk' feed. They do generally taste foul, but the sooner it is introduced in some form, the more likely they are to accept it.
Make sure you get a calcium supplement for you too if you cut out dairy from your diet while bf.

hwhite6 Sat 24-Sep-11 09:49:40

Oh, it'll take a good two weeks for cows milk proteins to leave your system (& LO's too) so a week-long trial isn't enough really. So a quick re-introduction over the weekend won't completely clear from you & your BM for a while. Might be easier to just stay DF fir a good few months before trying any form or dairy challenge. This is what the paediatrician is likely to say anyway.

Iggly Sun 25-Sep-11 21:18:21

Agree with PP.

I gave DS calcium containing foods like hummus, spinach, green veg, tinned fish with soft bones mashed into rice, sweet potatoes... With BF he'll be ok though,you just might need to give more feeds per day compared to other babies.

DS could tolerate tiny amounts of goats cheese by 12 months (goats milk protein is easier to digest), cows cheese by 18 months and now at nearly 2 he can have the odd yoghurt. He doesn't like cheese much though! Milk - he has oatly as I don't think he can tolerate unprocessed cows milk.

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