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Hay fever and BLW questions

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rainydaysarerubbish Thu 22-Sep-11 09:21:03

Hi all DD is just coming up for six months so am starting to think about weaning. I have a few questions though and hope you can help!

I am keen to try the BLW approach. Having done a bit of research there seems to be a few foods that need to be avoided if there are allergies in the family. Does this include hay fever or do they just mean food allergies? as I have hay fever but there are no food allergies in the family If so what foods do you avoid giving?

I currently give one bottle of formula a day and the rest breast fed do I need to give her vitamin drops from six months as she may not be eating much food at first?

Also how did you start with the BLW did you build up gradually to three meals a day just starting with bits of brocolli carrot etc or did you try everything from the start?

Any help would be gratefully received! Thanks

mousymouse Thu 22-Sep-11 09:24:48

as long as she has milk as her main source of nutrition there is no need for vitamin supplements. maybe vit d during the winter months.
I just gave dd a little from whatever I was cooking for the family onto her tray, she sat down with us at each meal. but also always had some steamed veg available.
she was hardly taking in any food until 9 months old but would nibble at everything.

cantmakecarrotcake Fri 23-Sep-11 16:30:20

I have hayfever and am allergic to cats but no food allergies. We haven't avoided any foods - DD has dairy, peanuts, wheat etc with no problems. If you're concerned give those new foods at lunchtime on a day with no other new foods and keep an eye out for a reaction. You won't know until you try unfortunately.

I haven't given vitamin drops either. I haven't considered Vit D in the winter, mind you...

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