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12 month old doesn't like food on hands

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gentlemantobed Wed 21-Sep-11 21:05:25

With my DS weaning has never been straight forward! First of all refused all purees so i went down the BLW route. Then decided he liked a spoon but to use it himself which i totally went with as thought was great.
Now wanting me to spoon feed him and won't touch anything i place on his tray or in bowls/plates at all. If he does happen to accidently get some food on his hands he just looks disgusted by it and won't eat any more.
Terrified i've created some kind of phobia...i have always cleaned his hands and face after a meal...
Any thoughts/suggestions/similar experiences?

1catherine1 Wed 21-Sep-11 22:26:20

Not sure myself but my friend is quite obsessive about her DS being clean and tidy that she cleans him the second he gets food anywhere. She watched me and my DD in horror when my DD (who is 6mo) fed herself and her clothes grin

I would say if it is caused by you it can't be too late to fix it. If I were you I would make it fun. My DD takes the food off me and sticks her hand in it and plays with it. I would encourage this and maybe do it yourself to encourage him. Although, probably not in public. At very least so he doesn't become obsessed about being clean. I would say though that cleaning him after food isn't obsessive anyway.

Although... according to my gran... some kids are just like this. Apparently my aunty was always like that as a child and has never changed. confused

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