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Cut back day feeds or start night weaning- which first?

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redbird79 Wed 21-Sep-11 11:23:30

DS is 10.5mths and starts nursery soon when I go back to work. He still BF several times a day and also at night, which is wearing me out. My mum and HV say he should be cutting back on BFs during the day to get ready for nursery but surely that means more feeds at night? He eats three solid meals a day plus the odd snack, and is ok with water/juice from a cup. I would love to night wean as I'm exhausted, but am I better to drop daytime feeds instead as I won't be there when he's at nursery? Argh! This mothering thing is hard!!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 22-Sep-11 12:34:35

Not really sure which you should try first sorry. Will you be working fulltime?

If you are going back fulltime it might be worth getting DS into more of a routine with bfs and then start swapping them for cows milk or formula one by one. You could always still bf morning and evening if you wish.

As for night weaning, there is some information on Kellymom and asksears.

Also, have you posted in the breast & bottle feeding section, just thought you might get more response.

If you phone one of the helplines a BFC will be able to take through your options with you too, have you got the helpline numbers?

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