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Lucy222 Tue 20-Sep-11 17:49:04

Hi everyone, was wondering if you could advise... I'm due to start weaning my DD soon and will feed her baby foods, at least when we are out and about during the day. But how important do people think it is that the foods are organic? Obviously in an ideal world they would be but the price is a bit of a barrier - I don't want to be paying through the roof simply for 'organic' to be attached to the label when it doesn't offer any tangible benefits.

Timeoutofmind Fri 23-Sep-11 08:46:26

I personally don't bother whether the food is organic or not. I'm more concerned what it has in it e.g ellas kitchen have no additives, all ingredients are meat, veg, fruit etc

AllBellyandBoobs Fri 23-Sep-11 09:37:42

I tend to eat organic fruit and veg (not exclusively though), and only ever buy organic meat so my LO gets the same. My reasons are not because I think it is nutritionally superior, more studies need to be done to prove that either way (although organic meat almost certainly is) but because it generally tastes nicer, it's better for the environment, and it guarantees the highest level of animal welfare.

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