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Weaning and drinking - stopping bf

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Mummawummadooda Mon 19-Sep-11 19:15:21

hi all,

I've been bfing my 9mth old girl since birth. I'm introducing water with 3meals a day in doidy cup and sip bottle. So far so good....

How do u reduce day milk feeds? Happy to do over night but feel days should be lessening...? Doesn't seem much alteration.

Other experiences????? Seem to be doing both at tr mo rather than weaning off one to t'other!

Iggly Mon 19-Sep-11 19:18:47

DS didn't drop a day feed until 9-10 months. I had to replace it with a decent snack otherwise he'd get hungry at night.

Night feeds slowed at 10 months or so but there would be blips.

Milk is high in calories so you need to make sure you're giving solids which will replace those calories (as well as providing fat and calcium). So make sure she's getting protein plus calcium rich foods (dairy is the obvious choice although not an option for DS as he's intolerant!)

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