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10 month old hardly eating (BLW)

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bibitybobityboo Mon 19-Sep-11 14:43:07

Hello, my DD is just over 10 months and we have been doing BLW - mostly because she refuses anything savoury on a spoon. She will some 'sweet' things from a spoon like baby porridge and yoghurt.

She wasn't bad at eating about a month ago and was starting to show more interest, although she didn't eat vegetables or meat much, but now she hardly eats a thing. She won't even try it and just throws things straight onto the floor. It's not like she is saying she doesn't like it - she won't even give it a go. I'm back at work full time so she is in nursery but won't take formula so just has a huge breastfeed in the morning, one when I pick her up about 6pm and another for bed at about 7.30pm (and recetly at various times during the night). She doesn't eat the main meals at nursery - only snacks like cake, rice cake and raisins.

She will eat things like toast and cream cheese, cheddar cheese, berries, yoghurt, pasta and sometimes some ham or chicken. No vegetables will pass her lips - she won't even try them and things like fish cakes or anything mushy or in a sauce is ignored or thrown away.

Consequently she wants to bf all day when I am home at the weekend (and I mean every being a newborn again) and is waking up throughout the night again. Last night I got two broken hours of sleep - I'm a zombie today.

What can I do about her eating? I keep offering her things but I'm beginning to feel as though I'm wasting my time and she will never eat apart from breastfeeding! How can I get her interested in food? I'm also worried as she goes from 8-6pm in nursery on a few rice cakes and toast and doesn't even have any formula milk to drink (she does have water). She isn't losing weight as far as I can see, but she is a very skinny baby so I'm always a bit worried about her.


WhoahThere Wed 21-Sep-11 15:33:45

Bumping as I would love to get some wisdom on this - in the last couple of days dd (8mo) has gone significantly backwards and is also doing the throwing on the good thing - also grizzles and will only last about 5 mins at the table when she used to be there at least half an hour shovelling food in.

Sorry for the hijack but hope someone comes along to help us!

mamasunshine Wed 21-Sep-11 20:41:28

Sorry no help here, but also watching as have an 8mo bf who still hasn't started eating, bar a couple of sucks/nibbles!

Flisspaps Wed 21-Sep-11 20:48:11

Perfectly normal. They seem to lose interest at about 10-12 months, and then get back into the swing of things. Just keep on offering the things you know she'll eat alongside other bits and she should come through it smile

As long as you don't let her think there's a problem, all should be well. If you start to stress, she'll pick up on it and it'll become a real issue. She's eating something so she won't starve. Can DP/DH help to settle her in the night rather than you doing it?

What I did notice with DD was that if I gave her more than a couple of things at once, she threw the lot, but when given a small (I mean 2-3) number of items in front of her at once, she'd eat more.

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