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Paper for under highchair

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CocoPopsAddict Thu 15-Sep-11 20:07:34

Anyone know where I can get some good throwaway paper to put under the highchair at mealtimes? Like an extra extra extra large kitchen roll iyswim?

diggingintheribs Thu 15-Sep-11 20:14:23

no to the kitchen roll

have you tried newspaper? The FT is a fantastic size

or get a piece of plastic table cloth (my local pound shop sells it by the metre) - much cheaper!!

BranchingOut Thu 15-Sep-11 20:15:44

Newspaper, my love, lots of it!

rushofbloodtothefeet Thu 15-Sep-11 20:16:46

cheapo shower curtain that you can shove in the washing machine?

mathsgeek Thu 15-Sep-11 20:18:34

I use muslins, easy enough to wash.

CocoPopsAddict Thu 15-Sep-11 21:44:44

Thanks all.

Always seem to run out of newspapers unfortunately.

Will try the FT though as my DH is less likely to want to hoard it.

AyeWhySWIM Fri 16-Sep-11 20:26:14

Ooh I like the idea about the shower curtain!

deemented Fri 16-Sep-11 20:28:11

I always used a normal tablecloth - that way it's catch the food which i could empty into the bin, and then just put in the wash.

I used an offcut of lino, which could be swept, wiped and rolled up ready for next time.

HipHopOpotomus Sat 17-Sep-11 00:43:54

I use that vinyl tablecloth they sell by the meter - got mine from the Market. Easy to wipe clean, and fold up. I store it invent high chair when it's not in use and comes in lots of quite funky/fun designs

AitchTwoOh Sat 17-Sep-11 00:47:35

or a shower curtain? i used the last bit of a roll of incredibly expensive silk wallpaper (from a pal's hoose). it worked brilliantly.

rushofbloodtothefeet Sat 17-Sep-11 07:34:57

Actually I used a cloth spun from the finest thread of mermaids tears harvested on a neap tide when the moon is blue. It's the most waterproof material ever made, shrugs off dirt and even cleans the floor while it's there.

<trumps Aitch>

stickwithit Sat 17-Sep-11 07:48:31

Catering suppers sell paper tablecloths on rolls.

AitchTwoOh Sat 17-Sep-11 09:07:08

hehehehe. it was good fun, i admit, seeing dd1 cover this £500 per metre stuff in broccoli. silk washes down beautifully, i must say.

Seona1973 Sat 17-Sep-11 10:03:26

i used a splash mat thing so it could be wiped clean

freybean Sat 17-Sep-11 16:26:13

i also use a shower curtain

CocoPopsAddict Sat 17-Sep-11 21:58:13

Hmmm... like the shower curtain idea. I may even wipe the worst off and then shower it down.

confusedperson Sun 18-Sep-11 14:08:41

I replaced our kitchen floor floor to vinyl, makes easy to wipe it clean.

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