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Allergies + food

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naomi45 Wed 14-Sep-11 07:31:45

My 7.5 month old has bad excema and we have been told by her consultant to avoid wheat, dairy, eggs and fish until she is 1. Does anyone have any food ideas for what I can give her to ensure she gets a sutiable diet. I am giving her chicken, lamb and lentils as protein but my HV has said lentils can be too much fibre and I need to find ways of increasing her calories.

Could you also let me know - does lactose-free mean dairy free?

Many thanks

misdee Wed 14-Sep-11 07:40:43

Lactose free is not dairy free. It depennds if your dd has a lactose issue or a cows milk protein issue.

Dd4 can't have nuts, milk eggs. She eats well, the sme as us. Look for fortified cereal likle ready brek. Make sure she has a good variety of what she can have, and if still concerned u can ask for a vitamin supplement.

At this age milk (breast or special formula) should still br making up the majority of babies food.

misdee Wed 14-Sep-11 07:41:32

Btw has your dd been allergy tested to see if those foods are an isue?

naomi45 Wed 14-Sep-11 08:10:04

Thanks for this. We haven't been allergy tested but because of the severity of her excema she is likely to have food intolerances so we have been advised against giving her the foods so she doesn't have any reactions. I did give her wheat by mistake for a few days in her cereal and her excema came back quite badly.

I will ask for allergy tests as I would like to take the 'small exposure' route to dealing with the foods rather than no contact at all.

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