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When the baby turns one do I just switch to cow's milk completely or do I do it gradually?

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yellowflowers Mon 12-Sep-11 23:05:28

We are currently on a mix of formula and breast - the baby is nine months - and have done this from the beginning. I know I can give her cow's milk from a year and was wondering do I just do this suddenly exchanging all her formula feeds for cow's milk (I intend to still breast feed her at night and in the morning), or do I do it gradually, or what? Thank you

petaluma Mon 12-Sep-11 23:17:26

I started putting a little cow's milk into ds's bottle with usual formula and began increasing it over a couple of months. I also started to introduce whole milk in various forms in his food from six months so he got used to the taste that way - milky porridge, rice pudding with a bit of milk on get the picture.

At about twelve months, he still didn't much like his beaker so only gave him formula in that, and put cows' milk in his beloved bottle. My sneakiness paid off and by 14 months he would drink cows' milk from a beaker - and has never regressed, thankfully.

Hope that helps.

thecaptaincrocfamily Tue 13-Sep-11 00:13:38

See how she gets on with a cup of cows milk with a meal and then just replace it if you (she) don't have any diarrhoea/ vomiting/eczema etc. If she has cows milk on cereal already (which they can from 6 months) then she should be fine. smile

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