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My daughter is 6 months old what can she eat?

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millie0403 Thu 08-Sep-11 14:31:29

hi there my daughter is 6 months, she starting weaning at 4 months and LOVES her solids, what food can she have? and how much should i be giving her?? because she will eat how ever much you are willing to give her.


Cheeseandbiscuits Thu 08-Sep-11 23:52:19

Hi. Didn't want you to go unanswered. DD is 6 months abs we do a mix of purée and finger food. Annabel karmel is great for recipes. Her book is fab. Finger food we have rice cakes, toast, peanut butter, cream cheese, cooked veg sticks, sweet potato wedges, avocado, banana. Breakfast is porridge or weetabix. Hope this helps.

thisisyesterday Thu 08-Sep-11 23:53:48

she can eat pretty much whatever you are eating. plenty of finger foods so she gets used to eating by herself.
obviously don't give her anything with too much salt in, but other than that she should be fine with most things!

cloudydays Thu 08-Sep-11 23:55:52

dd's first favorite food, from about 6 months, was mashed ripe avocado mixed with cottage cheese. There's a little bit of texture to it but it's all soft and very gum-able. And it's genuinely delicious.

lilham Fri 09-Sep-11 04:28:56

Apart from honey and nuts-sized things (chocking hazard), I think you can have pretty much anything. It'll be in your NHS birth to 5 book.

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