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Suddenly become rubbish with solids- any advice?

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redbird79 Wed 07-Sep-11 22:06:22

DS is 10 months and has become rubbish at eating. He was great to begin with, eating something four times a day, but has now dropped away so perhaps only one or two meals will be any kind of success. I am doing a combination of BLW and spoon-feeding depending on his mood. I would love to try and drop night feeds but presume I need to get more solids down him in the day. He starts nursery soon so I need to get something sorted! Any advice is appreciated :-)

greeneone12 Thu 08-Sep-11 08:45:32

I am in exactly the same position with my 10 month old. She was great - eating 3 times a day. But she has started refusing dinner and sometimes lunch too sad I don't want to keep giving her the same things so don't give her alternatives if she refuses but it so annoying! I don't show her I am frustrated but still...thought we were on to a good thing. She is teething which might be an issue.

Flisspaps Thu 08-Sep-11 08:49:07

This seems to be normal. The calorie intake drops around the age of 1 because babies stop growing so ridiculously quickly.

Has he dropped any of his daytime milk feeds?

redbird79 Thu 08-Sep-11 21:24:16

He's probably having milk feeds during the day every three hours or so- but I've never been good at keeping track! I am also trying to give him a cup with milk to get him ready for nursery in a couple of months, but he's not really got to grips with this either. Was reading the kellymom site which said at this age they often get so distracted by play during the day that they forget to eat and make up for it with nightfeeds. He ate ok at dinner tonight- but it was quantity rather than quality: 2 biscotti, 1 date, a quarter slice of toast with cheese. Think finger foods are preferred at the moment though- he turned his nose up at purée on a spoon....
Ah well, will keep plodding along and hope he 'clicks' into eating mode soon!

Flisspaps Mon 12-Sep-11 13:24:50

Perhaps try dropping or cutting back on the milk then - if he's still filling up on that (which he probably is at 10 months old if he's having milk every 3 hours) then he might not be hungry at meal times smile

Bigbiiiiird Fri 16-Sep-11 14:56:43

I'm having a similarish problem with my 10.5 month... we were doing reasonably well until the weekend (3 small meals a day and snacks - on the way to dropping daytime feeding, but still feeding at night) so I decided it was time to start sleep training to stop night feeds... unfortunately he's regressed during the day, refusing to eat much more than a few mouthfuls of any solids and demanding lots of bf. Really frustrating but hoping it will pass soon and I'll get a decent nights sleep as well as a baby who eats!! wink

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