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?? Reflux / vomiting developed since starting solids

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dogscatsandbabies Sun 04-Sep-11 15:01:10

LO is 6 months old, started solids at about 4 and a half months very slowly, still really only on root veg and banana / pear. Was EBF until 3 months and then combination fed with only one bottle of formula a day. Prior to solids was not a particularly sicky baby, little bits of posset post-feeds as usual.

I stopped night feeds at around the same time as introducing solids and had initially presumed the amount of posset / vomit after morning feed was simply due to increased volume of breast milk developing overnight. However 6 weeks down the line there has been no improvement and it now seems to be the case that generous amounts of vomit can be expected after EVERY feed whether breast or bottle. Some solids also coming up too. The vomitting can occur hours after the feed.

Spoke with health visitor... baby gaining weight, otherwise healthy and not ditressed by vomiting so I am not to be concerned. But I am concerned! The worst thing is that it really SMELLS of sour milk and so just wiping it off clothes / carpets / the dog is no good. It's making me afraid to leave the house because I'm so sure she'll throw up on some unsuspecting stranger!

I don't think it's true reflux but not sure what is causing this. Sadly, LO is a real greedy guts and would take 400ml at a feed if I let her. Have no idea how much she's taking at each breastfeed so have been trying to bottle feed more to monitor but obviously not great to stop suddenly. Is this just too much volume or is something else going on? She is much more active now and I thought maybe this played a part but I just got her up from her nap and she threw up all over the floor 2 and a half hours after feed and following an hour asleep in the cot???!

Suggestions or similar experiences gratefully received. Sorry for long post, was hoping more information would help oracle-like-mumsnetter to arrive with all answers!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 08-Sep-11 16:33:03

Unfortunately dog some HV have had very little training regarding bfing. I would call one of the Bfing Helplines and talk to a BFC about your concerns, have you got the numbers?

Also, have you found this thread yet? It may be worth posting on there.

narmada Sat 17-Sep-11 23:27:27

It's possible she can't handle cow's milk based products - commonish cause of vomiting. Would cutting out the formula for a few days be a possibility, to see if it's that causing the problem?

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