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BLW when do they stop throwing it about the place?

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ledkr Sat 03-Sep-11 21:02:35

My 7 month old has been blw for a month now,i try to get the odd puree in which she needs encouragement to have but this is because she only seems to hold something for a minute max and then drops it.
She seems to manage to hold on longer to baby watsits and sometimes bread but everything else ends up on the floor.Is this the way,and how long before she manages to hold something for any length of time?

Nagoo Sat 03-Sep-11 21:09:59

mine is 9MO and now manages to get most of it at least in the bib rather than on the floor.

Is your DD dropping the food intentionally or because she can;t grip it?

ledkr Sat 03-Sep-11 21:23:23

Bit of both i think,she enjoys sweeping the tray with her arms but i think she just forgets she is holding something tbh as she is too busy noseying around. She doesn't seem to be that interested in food much really but then will occasionally eat lots eg a whole rusk earlier today and lots of my cauli cheese the other day.She likes her bottles tho.Is on high cal formula as has cleft palate so cant manage to suck for long enough for huge volumes.I wonder if the milk keeps her full?

VeronicaCake Sun 04-Sep-11 08:58:31

7m is early days. There is no fixed time for when they start taking more in, DD went back and forth a lot between 6 and 12m, but really got the point and pretty much stopped drinking milk around 13m.

Once she gets a pincer grip (usually round 9m) she may become fascinated with eating really small food because she can. At that point peas, raisins, finely diced veg etc all become very interesting and meals start to take a long time.

As for mess, once they stop accidentally dropping stuff they start to deliberately drop stuff. Then they start wanting to feed you, or feed their teddies, or in DD's case have a screaming meltdown because she wants to eat jam with her fingers and play the xylophone at the same time.

ledkr Sun 04-Sep-11 09:47:25

Haha its the mess isnt it? Im trying to lose weight and i think that cleaning the high chair,kitchen floor and baby 3 times a day should do it!Haha

islandbaby Thu 08-Sep-11 02:21:34

Definitely get a scoopy bib. Hardly anything ends up on the floor now while he's eating. It's only when he's had enough that my DS starts swiping his arms back and forth across the tray to knock everything flying.

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